How much is convert a lamppost in a charging point for electric cars?

What does it cost to convert a lamppost in a charging point for electric cars?

Berlin will continue its conversion project streetlights charging points. If in 2013 and became 100, now want to multiply by 10 the number with very little attempt to promote, without penalizing the traditional car buying an electric vehicle cost.

There is something new to try to convert a lamppost in a charging point for electric cars. In Hypertext we’ve talked at several times about the many benefits, not only economic who have this type of project. The first is that democratize the charging point to be able to be installed every few meters without an expensive installation, but mostly because they would one element of the city.

View a charging point plan for electric cars is very rare, in cities like Madrid or Barcelona there are a few public parking spaces equipped with this system, but many do not work , or are invaded by non-electric cars … say, frankly, to rely on public facility to charge your car is a failure. And this can be solved, at least the feeling of not having a place to charge it, turning streetlights in load points.

convert a lamppost

Beijing, China, has been the primera city address this problem considering this situation but Berlin has entered this particular battle. To reduce levels of pollution in large cities can do two things: criminalize what until recently was rewarded (having a new car, an SUV …) with restrictions, road closures, higher taxes … or novelty reward , ie, encourage the use of other types of mobility.

Do you guys do you prefer? I prefer the segunda option. If governments have to reduce their pollution levels is not enough to put bicycles, but we have to encourage a change in mentality, but it can not be that the first step is for the client. No better be the first to buy the electric car and then think about how to adapt the city. Berlin already has on the table a project to convert 1,000 lampposts in charging points for electric cars. The estimated cost of this operation will be 400 euros per lamp, ie an investment of less than half a million euros to encourage the purchase and use of such vehicles.

convert a lamppost

To use these lamps have to just acquire a specific card that will allow them to access the loader installed on the lamppost but also to more than 2,500 charging points installed throughout Europe. This project has been in place since 2013 , when the first 100 streetlights were already made, but the goal is to multiply this number by 10 to get people not see the electric car as an oddity but as a solution . to a health problem such as pollution of cities


How much is convert a lamppost in a charging point for electric cars?
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March 2, 2015

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