How the dual LED flash of a smartphone – presented byHuaweiES

How the dual LED flash of a smartphone – presented byHuaweiES

The mobile photography is gradually supplanting the traditional photography (done with professionals and / or compact cameras). Simply enter Flickr and watch five more cameras used by this community are smartphone . O access Instagram, the largest photography-based social network to see how millions of people around the world upload pictures taken with their mobile phones every day. It is a simply amazing phenomenon.

Given this situation, the mobile phone manufacturers are forced to invest more resources in this area. Thus, generation after generation, mobile phones surprise us with better sensors, better quality lenses and small innovations that allow to go further with our photographs. One of those small innovations, for example, is the famous dual LED flash, designed to solve the most efficient possible low light situations.

This dual LED flash -used by manufacturers such as Huawei in your P8 – it is formed, as its name suggests, by two LEDs of different tonality. One of them lie close to white than the other tends to slightly reddish. The aim of assembling these two tones is none other than lights make the scene and get a picture as faithful as possible to reality.

Huawei P8

A dual LED flash compensates tones around the subject and provides greater realism to the final image

So when we face a low light situation, software mobile phone briefly discusses the environment surrounding the subject through a series of complex algorithms. If the color temperature and white balance of the scene tends, for example, red, terminal light with greater intensity white LED. Thus it is achieved compensate for the presence of unreal shades that illuminate part the subject and, therefore, a much more accurate picture would be obtained.

A practical example in which the dual LED flash is of great utility are portraits in low light. If we use a common LED flash, it is likely that the final picture shows a slight whitish nothing pleasing to the eye. Instead, with a dual LED flash as Huawei P8, the end result would be more true to life, with more attractive and warm tones

In short. So far, the use of LED flash has rarely been recommended by professional photographers by subtracting the final picture quality. However, with this new type of dual LED flash that great problem disappears, being more effective use in low light situations


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