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How to add apps and custom shortcuts in the notification bar

How to add apps and custom shortcuts in the notification barHow to add apps and custom shortcuts in the notification bar

The notification bar on Android is one of its strongest points.

we Can set it up to taste, to add different toggles (shortcuts) that allow us to perform all kinds of actions related to the system. The only drawback that we can find, is that these options are limited to that given by the system, that is to say, the number of toggles is finite.

luckily, it is not too difficult to finish with this limitation to punch app, to be able to add to the notification bar as many applications and shortcuts as you want, completely custom.

Customizing our notification bar with Custom Quick Settings

in general, the applications that promise to add extra functions to the system have a problem: is have interfaces that ruin the design lines of the ROM we are using. In this case, we have found an application that respects the design of the notification bar of your phone, regardless of which you use One UI, Android One, MIUI… The application will simply take as a basis the design of the own notification bar, and incorporates shortcuts as if they were included in the system itself.

The strong point of the Custom Quick Settings is that it works on any mobile phone and on any ROM. The only requirement is to have Android 5.0 or higher

The operation of the app does not have the slightest complication. The download from Play Store and install it. Despite the fact that it takes you a while without upgrade, is compatible with any phone that has Android 5.0 and higher, which is able to adapt to Material Design. When you open it, you will find a menu that will explain how to add the toggles.

In Xataka Android

The 74 best apps to customize Android

The process is as simple as lowering the bar of notifications, go to the edit button (every ROM has this button on a form, but usually appears well indicated), and there you will see the option add a mosaic custom. Once added, we will get a new shortcut in the notification bar, so it’s up to configure it.

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We have the option of opening apps, shortcuts, shortcuts of their own applications, web pages, widgets,… The free version lets us add practically everything, leaving the widgets are reserved to the paid version. Thus, we do not have more than select what you want to open, so that the mosaic vacuum that we have configured is saved with this information.

The charms you add will have the same shape as the rest of the system icons.

As we pointed out earlier, the strong point of this application is that respects the design of the notification bar, so that the icon will have the same shape and colors as the rest of your bar, without leaving notice in no time that we have installed using a third-party application.

Custom Quick Settings

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