How to Create An eSports Logo for Free with DesignEvo?

If you read some of our previous posts, then you may know that we love to share posts about games, such as, new game releasing, game review, and game tricks. And today, we will provide another golden tip for eSports creaters and players – How to create an eSports logo with an online free logo maker? Whether you need an eSport logo for a new developing game or social profile image, this very approach will give you a delightful solution.

The Cases Which You Need An eSports Logo

To participate in Dota, Counter Strike, Fortnite, FIFA, and many other top prize awards, your team needs an eSports logo. It will make your team look more professional. It will be a great inspiration, when you have such a logo printed on your team T-shirts.

For eSports creators, an intriguing eSports logo for game is critical for game branding. In recent game market reports, those online popular games all have a cool eSport logo to win clients at first sight. That said, a successful eSports needs to compete with its components in its logo. On the contrary,

There is no reason for a game with great immerse experiences to suck at game logo design.

How to Design a Decent eSports Logo?

For any cases above, DesignEvo logo maker appears an ideal logo generator online to design an eSport logo in a minute.

Four steps will bring you a unique eSports logo (No design experience required):

Step 1. Land and register a free account by inputting an email & a password.

Step 2.Search a keyword, and find some eSport logo templates in a category.

How to Create An eSports Logo for Free with DesignEvo?

For an FIFA gaming team or football game creator, you can try “football” for results. And if your team believes in a spirit that Adidas shares – Impossible is nothing, then you can find inspirations from Adidas logo or Marvel logo. Those logo templates will be awesome to use on eSports Team T-shirts.

Of course, for those girls or creative young men, they can also ditch normal eSports logos. Instead, they can search for cute logos (i.e., bear logos, cat logos, dog logos, etc.) or monogram logos.

Step 3. Enter a template and edit your eSports logo.

How to Create An eSports Logo for Free with DesignEvo?

Once you’ve found some favorite templates for eSports, you can click one for editing. It’s possible to curve texts, change fonts, and paste company name and slogan. If you like to change the whole color scheme, then you can change them one by one.

The best part? All the navigations can be finished by clicks.

Step 4. Preview and download your eSports logo.

How to Create An eSports Logo for Free with DesignEvo?

Preview mode will give six scenarios that have your eSports logo displaying on a website or T-Shirt. So that, you don’t have to make dozens of unsatified T-shirts or download them before it’s what you need. It saves your time and effort.

It offers three download options: free standard logo package, high-quality logo package, and ultimate PLUS logo package (including SVG and PDF vector files).


With free logo maker, such as, DesignEvo, you can have an eSports logo easily. It’s especially perfect for eSports gamer. If you think this post is helpful, you can share it with your friends who need a free eSport logo.

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