How to give a subscription to Google Play Music

Play Music To gift

tarjetas Google Play gift have recently joined by new virtual gift cards Google Play Music , with which we can give to our friends and family subscriptions to the music service Google.

We may give away a subscription to Google Play Music one, three or six months a price of 9.99 euros, 29.97 euros and 59.94 euros respectively. In each category we continue paying the full price of the service is 9.99 euros per month, so there is no discount rate


To gift

Play Music

To give music just have to enter Google Play Music . If we go from the web we find the “Send Gift” option inthe sidebar. If we find the application from the “Send Gift” in Settings. Since this link will access directly .

Play Music

To make the gift and just have to select one of the options available gift , fill the form that appears below our name, e-mail address and message, and then continue to arrange payment.

Our contact will only accept mail from our gift to enjoy your subscription to Google Play Music. If you were already signed will not be charged for the time included in the gift, the date of invoice the number of months given away will be delayed.

Play Music To gift

Returning a gift

If instead our contact will not use our gift we can return via the web following the steps of any devolución on Google Play . You can only apply for the refund the person who made the purchase.


The new option of giving away subscriptions to Google Play Music is now available and Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom , Australia, Canada and the United States. In the support page will find more information

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How to give a subscription to Google Play Music
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November 2, 2015

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