How to have the volume control of Android P with this app

Volume Slider

there are Still about five months for it to arrive officially Android Q, but to enjoy one of their new products not because we are still waiting. We may already have your new volume control thanks to an application that you can download for free for a limited time from Google Play.

we Talk about Android Q Volume Slider, an app that brings us a volume control vertical inspired in Android Q, but that adds more customization options.

Android Q Volume Slider

Android P Volume Slider is available for devices with Android 4.4 or higher, and your application is very simple to configure and customize. Once installed there will be to follow the steps that we indicate on the screen to give you the permissions required permissions (overlay, accessibility, and from Android 7.0 the access to the do Not Disturb mode).

Volume Slider

once properly configured Android Q Volume Slider we have already replaced the volume control native by this new inspired in Android Q. When you use the volume keys as it appears the new volume control vertical.

Volume Slider

Android Q Volume Slider allows us to customize in your settings the colors of the volume control (background and icons), say which volume you want to adjust by default, the position of the control and other settings. We can also add a horizontal control classic.

Android Q Volume Slider also features a widget and a permanent notification to show shortcuts to control the volume of each type of sound. Since the developer launched the app has not stopped to update it to fix bugs, although it has to round it out to improve compatibility with all Android devices.

Android Q Volume Slider has a regular price on Google Play, 0.79 euros, but during the next three days download is completely free. Also you can download free from XDA Labs.

Android P Volume Slider - P

Android Q Volume Slider – P Volume Control1.12

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How to have the volume control of Android P with this app
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March 23, 2018

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