HTC confirms phones that will be updated to Android 9 Foot

HTC Android 9 Foot

This week we have begun with the release of Android 9 Foot, the great new operating system update whose update has already arrived to the Pixel, and that during the next few weeks and months will start to come to the Android One and other Android devices.

As usual, the manufacturers are beginning to officially announce the devices that will be updated to this new version. After seeing the devices bq now see what devices will be updated by HTC to Android Foot.

HTC currently only updated four mobile

The list published by the HTC in social networks is very small. The taiwanese manufacturer has just confirmed that Android 9 Foot there are four models in its catalog, being the following:

  • HTC U12+
  • HTC U11
  • HTC U11+
  • HTC U11 Life (Android One)

we can See how the manufacturer has only confirmed Android Walk for your high-end 2017 and 2018 along with your only Android One. The rest catalog as the new HTC Desire 12, and 12 Plus still has not said anything. The manufacturer reports that in the next few weeks will tell more information, as dates and hopefully more models.

Android 9 Foot, what’s new

Some of the developments that will receive phones from HTC will be the battery and brightness smart, the new gesture-based user interface, the new text selector, intelligent, or the new application ‘Digital Wellbeing’ to control the use that is made every day applications.

In Xataka Android | bq announces the 10 phones of its catalogue that will be updated to Android Foot

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HTC confirms phones that will be updated to Android 9 Foot
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August 11, 2018

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