I left my Gmail account open on another computer… what can I do before the other person?

In this day and age and with the amount of gaps of cybersecurity to which we are subject, before you open your personal accounts on a computer or on a terminal any you have to be careful. But above all you must remember to close them!And not only because there are a lot of cyber-criminal on the loose, but because the picaresque Spanish is very mischievous and can be any work colleague or friend funny make you spend more shame of the account with some ‘small’ joke.If you are living a moment of panic because you realize that you forgot to log out of your account Gmail on a computer of others, breathe: we can help you. And it is very easy to manage.First, log in with your email in Gmail on the web version -you can do it from a computer or from another device, as the phone or tablet-. Then tap the photo to your account and click where it says ‘Manage your account Google’.Once in the management panel, in the side menu on the left-the menu at the top, if you’re on a mobile – click on ‘Security’. Within this section, low a little by scroll until you reach a section where it says ‘Your device’.There same from a first glance you will see a summary of the devices that you are logged in to your Google account and underneath you can click on the option ‘Manage devices’.It opens a new screen with all the details of all the devices on which you have the open sign out of your Gmail account -and even, if you look below, you will also see the devices on which you have logged in the last 28 days.Google allows you to log individually on each device, so the only thing you have to do is click over the three dots that appear at the top right within each device and you will see the option ‘Close session’, along with the alternatives ‘Find phone’ -this appears only in the web version of the computer – and ‘do Not recognize this device?’.You just have to click on ‘Close session’, confirm that you want to really close it in the popup message that comes out and you are done!
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I left my Gmail account open on another computer… what can I do before the other person?
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January 19, 2020

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