InBrowser and Orweb, the best private browsers for android

InBrowser and Orweb, the best private browsers for android

We all know the risks that exist online and vulnerable we can become in the network. Login passwords or access personal information from personal devices can not we conceive a significant risk that can be avoided.

Thanks to advances in programming and developers who strive every day to provide more great applications we have private browsing. The private browsing allows us to surf the Internet anonymously almost and the security of our data is not stored in any corner of the internet. Furthermore, when we surf privately, we can skip certain regional limitations or locks we have at work or college. If you can not access certain pages for network locks to you who are connected, these two browsers will make you to be free on the internet


When it comes to private browsers there talk InBrowser. This browser gives you the internet browsing completely anonymous.

The functions are basic browser incorporates this in a private browser but what it does, it does well. Provides support video, allows downloadable content to your multimedia device and prevents mobile versions of the pages that use it.

Another advantage of this browser is its minimalist interface that facilitates its use to everyone, without having to dig for the application to discover how it works.

Of course, this application does not store any of your data or history. It also allows you to skip the network locks to which you’re connected.

No doubt that is an interesting application and if you are looking for a private browser, you should try it. You can find it on Google Play for free. Application Google Play

Orweb: Private Web Browser

No doubt the most remarkable private other browsers Play Store is Orweb. This browser provides the user multiple interesting features. A complete and above all, private browser.

Orweb allows you to surf the net anonymously form and also with the Tor proxy that is fitted, it will be impossible to access the device information or know where you are connected.

In all the functionality offered by Orweb, we must highlight his resistance Javascript attacks and vulnerabilities in Flash files. Also, lets you set the filter Cookies that suits you. Of course, although we have spoken before, your proxy Tor will let you browse the Internet completely hidden. If you belong to Anonymous, this application will come in perfect.


When it comes to data, Orweb not store any data or history. As for the aesthetics of the application, not awesome but it simple and easy to use.

must clarify some aspect of Orweb is your proxy and you have to install subsequent to the installation of the application. Orbot , which is how your proxy is called, it can be downloaded from the Play Store free form. Once you accessed the browser asks if you want to install and it is your choice.

In short, Orweb is a complete, secure and private private browser. You no longer have to rely on your data rate to enter on certain pages on your company, you can skip Orweb any restrictions.

Can you find Orweb of the Play Store free. A complete, safe, and free private browser, what more do you want? Application Google Play

Orbot: Tor Proxy with


If you have installed Orweb, we have asked us to install this add your private browser, Orbot. This supplement which is as an application in the Play Store, is a proxy with Tor.

Orbot lets you surf the internet for totally private and secure way . In addition to work seamlessly with the private browser, Orweb, created by the same developers, Orbit also allow you to apply your proxy third party applications for example, Twitter. Thanks to Orbot able to access applications exclusive access to certain countries and browse privately online. For example, if you castrate access to Twitter or any social network application in Android with Orbit you can to skip this block through its proxy. You will be free in itnernet. You can find Orbot. Proxy with Tor for free on Play Store

Application Google Play

In my opinion, I think this series of private browsers can be very useful at times. For example, if a friend asks for your Android device for browsing the Internet, you can surf safely and knowing that your data will not be saved. Thus, you can check your email or social network by entering a security password that is not saved.

In addition, there are many pages and multimedia content, such as YouTube, where we prohibit access here in Spain. For these browsers will not have these problems because they will not know where you are connecting. Camouflaged in the network. And you, what kind of use you would give to private browsers?, Comentad below. Article was published in The Free Android (The Android Blog reference. Apps, News Free Games and Android smartphones)

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