Instagram is working on a tool to edit the videos in the Stories

users of Instagram have long been asking for videos in the Stories can be edited, and can finally go to fulfill their wishes.

a few days Ago, Jane Manchun Wong, a developer that uses reverse engineering of applications to discover new features, discovered that Instagram is working on a tool that would allow to edit the videos of the Stories.

Specifically, the social network you are testing a function of a ‘video trimmer’ for Stories, that is to say, a mechanism that allows you to trim your video in front and behind without having to go out and use apps third-party up to now.

Manchun Wong published tests of this new functionality, in their account Twitter, the channel that usually used to reveal new features of the apps even before the companies announced.

As seen in the image, we have implemented a new button in the menu at the top to edit the content. Once clicked, appears a timeline of the video through which the user will be able to trim frame by sliding with the finger on the left -in front of the video – and right -behind the video-.

it Is a method similar to that offers WhatsApp when you want to trim a video which you want to send.

Is a function on tests, as are all the discoveries that makes Manchun Wong, but seeing how polished is the interface should not spend a lot of time until we can enjoy it in the social network.

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Instagram is working on a tool to edit the videos in the Stories
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February 15, 2020

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