Mario Casas, about Goya: “They vote for enhancing films that have not worked”


  • The actor has revealed that it has become academic to be part of the jury next year.
  • Has noted, however, that likes more the Feroz awards Goya.
  • Wheels with Blanca Suarez ‘the Bar’, the new film by Alex de la Iglesia.

 Mario Casas

Actor Mario Casas href=”” said that “academics often when vote “on the href=”” Goya Awards,” what they do is promote films they have not worked to return to the billboard after those nominations or those Goya “received. The actor has made these statements during the filming of The Bar , the new film Álex Church, and starring alongside href=”” Blanca Suarez , among others.

in this sense, Casas has said told a small group of journalists that “there are films that have not had nominations and was a no-brainer for the magnitude, so which they have been or what has led to the movies “and” have not been to the fore “. In addition, it has advanced it has become academic to join the jury next year. “I want to do my bit, me the films and vote” , has revealed.

also, the actor has indicated he would prefer the Feroz awards Goya and thanked Dani Rovira , whom he knew only five minutes to appoint him and say the words of appreciation at the gala awards of Spanish cinema.

Houses and Suarez are immersed in the filming of the Bar , starring a group of absolutely heterogeneous people having breakfast at a cafe in the center of Madrid . At nine o’clock, the said group is eating breakfast, when one of them in a hurry is shot in the head out the door. No one dares to help him. They are trapped, as has advanced communication group to mark the start of shooting of the film

Houses, Hipster.; Suarez family well

Casas plays “a hipster for which is something cool take coffee or cola at the bar and not in a Starbucks “, but is” mask characters “because” what’s underneath is a coward when it bursts the problem is hiding behind being the focus of taunts “.

on part, Blanca Suarez explained that gets into the skin of Elena, “a girl from a good family that goes through the Square Mostenses , you turn off the phone and comes by chance that bar if you leave a charger “.

Both players again put in the hands of Álex of the Church. Suarez stressed that the film’s director does not put roof and in this film are flying. “We are grateful to see beyond . We are only instruments and feel that gives you a vote of confidence.”

“I am a girl who is presented ahead,” Suarez said when asked if feels ‘Almodóvar girl’ or ‘girl from the Church’ . “Do not work with a person only . If the project is worthwhile, does not matter whether TV, cinema or theater. It is the project which has to be worthwhile,” he noted.

However, it has clarified that “there are a number of people you trust and know that 99.9% everything you do will be fine because the base is good although the film is different” . In the same vein, De Casas stressed that the Church gives them “the opportunity to create” and then he buys it or not. “It is very important that a director you that opportunity and think of you,” he said.

The Bar , scripted by the director and Jorge Guerricaechevarría , the cast is completed with Secun de la Rosa, Jaime Ordonez, Carmen Machi, Terele Pávez, Joaquín Climent, Alejandro Awada, Jordi Aguilar, Diego Braguinsky and Mamen García.

a production of Pokeepsie Films and Nobody’s Perfect , with the collaboration of Atresmedia Film and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing Spain.


Mario Casas, about Goya: “They vote for enhancing films that have not worked”
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February 27, 2016

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