Meizu wants to stop him removing import language ROM Meizu Pro 5


It is increasingly common (and easy) import to buy a smartphone in China. There are many online stores to choose from and some of them are priced attractive enough to ask deny warranty or even the risk that the package is lost by the way . Thanks to them many manufacturers have encountered unexpected market share and have seen phones that were exclusive (a priori) for the Asian market have fallen into our hands. The language also is not a problem because normally lets you choose Chinese or English, in some cases even have the possibility to choose Spanish.

Thanks to Paul, a reader of Engadget Android we know that Meizu is making changes to limit imports of its smartphones to other markets . Chinese brand knows he can not block it but at least we want to deter eliminating all possible languages ​​in the Meizu Pro 5 (currently only sold in Asia through import stores)


Meizu recently launched an update for Meizu Pro 5, specifically version Flyme . The last letter refers to the region is intended. A / E / C are for China and / I / I am for the rest of the world. A priori seemed further review largely unchanged but with it came an unpleasant surprise. International languages ​​disappeared and were only available Chinese and English

In a statement to which we have access, Meizu explains that it is a movement to avoid importing devices from China. Having four versions of ROMs sure you are thinking that there is no problem: the device is purchased at an Asian online store and then flashes the international version. It is not so simple, Meizu has blocked that possibility so if you buy the phone in China, we have to settle with versions A / U / C, as stated above, they do not include Spanish, only Chinese and English.

Meizu is not the only one who does that. If you bought a mobile Xiaomi ever in China, you know that only the original ROM allows Chinese and English. It is true that the motives of this brand is very easy to download and install another version without problems. In fact you can do without having much knowledge of technology and computing. With the release of the RedMi Note 3 speculated that Xiaomi going to get tougher but today this terminal already has official ROMs that can be installed.

What are solutions if we have this terminal? Or go ahead with updating the device and lose language or download the old version and perform downgrade to return to the last review in Spanish. Meizu have contacted us to better explain this situation but publication of the article have received no response

News Meizu wants to stop him removing import language ROM Meizu Pro 5 was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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Meizu wants to stop him removing import language ROM Meizu Pro 5
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