Messages Android it is now called Messages, to dry

Messages for Android is now called Messages, to dry

Like Mr. Clean before, it was Mister Proper, Messages Android, the messaging app default Android, the happens to be called simply Messages. This would not be the most relevant not be because since the name was changed a little over a year.

As a user you won’t notice a big difference, because in the app drawer the app has already been called Messages, but in Google Play, and as a reference its new name takes precedence. the messages are not already in Android, they are simply messages.

All the names of the application

Messaging Messaging

In the early days, the messaging application pre-installed on Android it is just called Messaging, with an icon of a smiley face on a sandwich that has varied slightly in color and design between different versions.

later came Google+ (rest in peace) and came with its application partner Google+ Messenger, although with the passage of time, the thing was nothing. Hangouts seemed like it would be the one that could take over the messaging of Android, but neither ended up picking. What what’s up with Allo? Well, no, neither.

parallel To this, the old Messaging app of Android ended up being called Google Messenger at some point in 2015 and will be published in Google Play. Since then had a look similar to that look today, if you underestimate the Material Theming.

Googlemessenger Google Messenger

Not ended there the story. Two years later, in 2017, Google Messenger came back to change name. It would be from that time Messages Android. you took away the prominence to Google and he gave it back to Android. The name more or less seemed to make sense, since it was the messages app default Android.

Messages Messages Android (now “Messages”)

Now, a year later, the circle is closed. We return to the beginning and Messages Android again, is to simply Message. A news that arrives, by the way, after the last presentation to Made by Google in the not mentioned even once the name of Android, and we cannot help but ask ourselves, is this a simplification of the name, or is that Google wants to that we start to forget the operating system, if the future were to change to something else, like Chrome OS or Fuchsia?

on the one hand, we still have other products with Android in the name as Android Auto or Android Things, but on the other Android Wear also lost the Android become Wear OS. Will be watching to see if “Android” is still desapaciendo… or the next name of this application. Place your bets.

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Messages Android it is now called Messages, to dry
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October 12, 2018

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