More trivia about the powerful placebo effect

We know a little more about the placebo effect. But there are still many myths, facts and trivia to discover th...

We know a little more about the placebo effect. But there are still many myths, facts and trivia to discover this fascinating and complex phenomenon. What else is behind it? Let’s get to work

Some time ago we talked about the placebo effect. why, its mode of action and how little we know about it. But then, do not we all. And although what we know about the placebo effect is limited, admittedly we have plenty of information to write countless words. At the end of the placebo effect intrigues science to unexpected points. So today we are going to have some curiosities about this peculiar phenomenon. Here we go

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There is also the nocebo effect

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It is considered the nocebo effect as contrary to the placebo effect. Indeed, the nocebo effect occurs on expectations, which can be conscious or unconscious of something hurt us but without any real reason to do it. Typically appears to worsening that can range from uncomfortable to life until illness is serious. The nocebo effect, although somewhat less known than his brother placebo, is also thoroughly studied by medicine. It is logical because, like the placebo effect can “cure” the nocebo can trigger a severe or chronic problem. Unfortunately although the mechanisms involved are estimated very similar to those of the placebo effect is not known.

The placebo effect drunk


Yes. Administering a placebo is pretending that alcohol can have the effect of a person feel slightly drunk: dizzy with some loose tongue and a slight discomfort. There is even afflicting who suffered a slight hangover after effects. But there has been alcohol involved. To some extent, and in light of what we know about hangovers, this would make sense as our own immune system is one of the protagonists of hangovers. This research is no nonsense as the placebo is widely used in the treatment of addiction. However, the placebo effect of alcohol is, of course, their limitaciones, as shown by some of the studies performed.

It works even when we know it is a placebo

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This is one of the facts that most attention. Because they know that we have a placebo need not diminish its effects. This has been demonstrated on several occasions, when after revealing to patients the results were against placebo remained better than those who received nothing. The mechanism behind this is probably very similar to the placebo “incognito”. At the end of the day, we not yet fully understand how the cascade of processes that make us improve shooting.

Yes, there is also the placebo

More trivia about the powerful placebo effect

Is not it enough with a sugar pill? Do not you worry, now we put it to the operating room. In some cases we have tested the effect it can have a false surgery. This can be positive to the treatment of certain neurological diseases origin. In fact they have been more effective than it seems. Of course, raises an important question about Is it ethically right to subject a person to surgery, with all its dangers, just to provoke a placebo effect? It is certainly an interesting point on which to meditate.

Animals also feel the effect placebo

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Yes, well. One of the main arguments supporting the advocates of pseudoscience (and unaware of the placebo effect) is that the animals are cured completely absurd to administer cures but they believe affective. This is due primarily to the perception of the person who normally signals seen as symptoms of an early cure. What people do not realize is that animals have different metabolic cycles and not all work at the same times. But there is also a placebo effect animal. Yes, several studies have shown that animals can be conditioned them with placebo, significantly improving their health.

The placebo effect in children

Mike Leitz (Flickr)

Ah, my friend. This is another star arguments. How will you know a child that what you are actually giving not wearing anything? Ah, but he knows what you’re doing to him it is to relieve pain. The trick is not the magic pill, but in action. Several studies have shown that the placebo effect children is even more stronger than in adults. The reasons for this? We can draw many hypotheses. I humbly think it is due to a younger, active system. But who knows. Without knowing well the mechanisms that trigger the placebo effect, it is very difficult to know.

The color of the pill placebo matters

Other curious study (which shows all the attention that is given to the placebo effect) works on the effect placebo according to the color of the pill. Humans are essentially visual animals. If color profoundly affects our perception meal, how could she not in the placebo effect? We do not know so well how to have the pill cause its effect by color, it is a subject that has been studied for a long time.

Culture also affects the placebo

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Some of the most curious investigations talk about the placebo from the point of Cultural view . And it seems that the placebo effect varies among societies. Yes, they not perceived favorably with the same or have the same effect formats administering placebos everywhere. As is injected in pill or solution, color or dose effectiveness varies according to the population where it is administered. The placebo effect varies even about the disease that is the place. With all this we can see the amazing effects it has on our health placebo. So much money and effort is intended to realize an effect that seems magical (and some take advantage of it for that). But in reality, it is a natural and common purpose. Much more common than we dare to imagine. And once we know all its secrets, the biggest beneficiaries will be us.

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