Mozilla offers a plan of eight days to detox from the internet


  • Mozilla launched the Dating Detox for a few weeks.
  • The plan invites you to discover how much we know the internet about you.
  • slowly offering tips to be less exposed and start the network from scratch, with a more healthy relationship with Google and the social networks.

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Although often spoken of as fools, that we are on the internet and the large amount of data that we expose without care none, what is certain is that the reality is even more surprising of what one would expect. Social networks collect oodles of personal data, the apps are spyware in your pocket, and Google is the protector of the greater part of our personal life.

Aware of this reality, Mozilla launched the Dating Detox, one plan detox eight days for all those who suspect that they have a relationship toxic with the digital world, to establish a more healthy relationship with your life in the network.

The reasons to submit this plan can be many: to get rid of the ads that haunt you on the internet, the fear of theft of identity, the desire that companies do not benefit financially from your data, embarrassed by old photos…

On day 1, under the heading “Discovery”, the user is invited to discover how exposed you are on the internet. To do so are invited to clear the history and temporary files of the browsers and see what it is that you can discover the other user it looking for on the network.

The challenge of the second day is titled “Everything in one place”, and asks if Google is your best friend. The giant of Mountain View has many services ampliamentes used (GMail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome…) and they all collect user information. The goal here is to delete all of those accumulated data and follow a series of tips for not to be exposed to both, such as using search engines and browsers that don’t collect data.

The third day is “Be social” and intends to do the same research as that of Google but with Facebook. In addition, we also made a number of recommendations for the relationship with the social networks to be more healthy. Day 4 is “Searching and browsing” and is centered in the browsers.

The fifth day is titled “Connecting” and focuses on the mobile phones, which currently are our greatest spies. What is more, in regard to privacy, users are even less careful with the mobile phones with the computer, so these devices are a bar-free data to everyone who wants them. The goal here is to end up with that.

The 6 day, “Cleaning”, it remains focused on the mobile, specifically in the applications. On the seventh day, “Who do they think you are?”, invites you to discover what people think about you all of the internet companies from the data they’ve collected about you and makes hincapíe in the large amount of times you press the button “I agree” on the internet without thinking of the consequences.

The eighth and final day is titled “Create a new you”, and gives a series of detailed tips for you to start from scratch on the network, running less risk, and without giving away the data to anyone.


Mozilla offers a plan of eight days to detox from the internet
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December 11, 2017

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