My Instastory, video with our photos from Instagram [iOS]

my instastory

Instagram fans and we are used to expand the gallery with edited photos that capture many great moments and events experienced. Today we have a lot of services that allow us to exploit the large photo database that is Instagram and we create photo books, biographies, etc. If we want to see a video made with our images, our tool is My Instastory.

We are talking about an app for smartphones and tablets with iOS we create music with the images hosted on our Instagram account in few steps. The process becomes the following: connect ourselves to the app Instagram, select the images that make up the video (not all be added if you choose, up to 24) and adjust video preferences, for example the speed of the animation or add effects to images, select one that BSO may be sound or music and can also add text to the video clip. After this process can preview the result in case you want to change any parameter before sharing it with our friends.

We can create our music video on any iOS device instagramizado down My Instastory from here .

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My Instastory, video with our photos from Instagram [iOS]
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February 16, 2013

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