NBA 2K17, so is the game of basketball most realistic Android


is Already here the new basketball game from 2K Games. Within A few weeks of starting the new seasons of the NBA and Euroleague, now we can buy for our mobile devices the new release, NBA 2K17.

NBA 2K17 comes for it all to be another year the best basketball game for Android, but does not have all with himself. His great rival NBA Live is also on Android as free download game while to be able to download the new installment of NBA 2K will have to pay nothing less than 8,49 € .

NBA 2K17 we offer the basketball game more realistic that we can download it now on our Android devices. Your animations and movements are much more natural, and with a few graphics on top of the competition, look only at the movement of the clothes of the characters, where the fabric of the pants has a natural movement and not rigid as in previous deliveries, or games of competition.


This new edition of NBA 2K it comes loaded of novelties. Along with the updated templates with the season 2016/17, we will find new players historical, more teams for the Euroleague, kits and alternative more depth in the way that My Career with a simulator of days free, with more equipment options, an improved system of badges and many more improvements. the NBA 2K17 also improves its tactile controls and allows you to play with a physical control.


NBA 2K17 is the game of basketball is more complete than we will be able to enjoy currently in our Android where we can play matches 1-on-1 or 5-on-5 throughout their four game modes:

  • My Career: We will play and train our own team of basketball to take you to the top.
  • Blacktop: we’ll be Playing in parties in the streets.
  • Season: we will Play the season with our favorite team.
  • Quick Game: a quick Game.

despite being a game of payment, in NBA 2K17 find-app purchase to buy with real money for their virtual coins, even though they are completely optional according to 2K Games. In this installment you will earn even more coins after each game

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 Version 0.0.21

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  • Android Version: 4.3
  • Developer: 2K Games
  • Download: Google Play
  • Price: the 8,49 € with shopping built-in
  • Category: Sports

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NBA 2K17, so is the game of basketball most realistic Android
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September 24, 2016

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