Nintendo, now you’re gonna do mobile games, this is what you should not do


Nintendo, hoy we have woken up in Spain with good news. We heard through your president, Satoru Iwata, who finally going to throw yourself into the world of mobile gaming. We told you a while but it looks like 2015 be your year . Better late than never, and more in a market that still has much to offer.

I know that besides playing the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS have spent the time watching what has been done on mobile . Fixed who have tested Puzzle & Dragons, I’ve seen your spin off for 3DS, and a few others. Yes, there are some who should know not to fuss and acabéis scalded. We have prepared some tips because, as you said in your first Zelda for NES, “ It’s dangerous to go alone, take this

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Do not abuse the free to play

Puzzle Dragons Mario Party Edition Customization

Nintendo, we know that free to play is a machine to make money . There have been many games that have broken with this model and you probably already know Candy Crush and Crossy Road for example. That itself is not as easy as putting micropayments right and left, Electronic Arts the bundled lot with his Dungeon Keeper .

People do not bother us that micropayments goals in your games but make them without breaking the most basic experience . Do not play becomes a task to avoid having to pay a few cents from time to time. Dosíficalos, who pays rewards but do not forget who decide to play without investing a euro.

No need for you to be greedy, this model you if you implement it wisely can work great. You have a lot of games on Google Play that implement it perfectly so take note of them and points, but sure you already know Asphalt 8 Airborne , Subway Surfers , Hopeless or Dots .

Take the opportunity to bring new ideas


mobile gaming market has grown a lot. In fact, its expansion has meant that all those who enganchasteis playing Wii are now in the subway playing Candy Crush. However, hard to see new games and finally there are many rehashes of the same formulas. ¿Endless run? Whether it is well seen.

There is still room for new ideas, you can innovate as you did in your day. Maybe it works, maybe not, this sector is quite whimsical but has always been very receptive to well-made games . Remember, of course, to launch a mobile game requires some maintenance as updates with new content.

By the way, do not castling on the touch controls with gestures and forth. Work, certainly, but there are games that have proven to offer virtual controls for shooters that work like a charm. If you do not believe, try Wayward Souls for example.

Developing for several

Nintendo screens, if you’re going to make games for Android you must keep in mind one thing. This platform not only works on phones and tablets. Admittedly, I’m not going to cheat, which is the mass of devices with the operating system Google but are not the only platforms .

Think of Google TV, your games could end there, consoles like Razer Forge . Think about that option too and the possibilities of playing with a physical control. Probably not your primary market, or looks like it going to grow much this 2015, but do not forget them, is another option.

Do not abuse the charisma and reputation of your characters


We all know, you too, that Mario is well-known and popular. You have a lot of famous people around the world and that gives you a big boost for positioning games . Yes, I know it sounds cruel but people wanting to play it myself prefer to do it with a known and not face with an unknown puppet.

This gives you a very advantageous position in the sector but not abuse it . I know that with your consoles you have made your characters play all kinds of sports and have put in all situations but I warned you if you want to succeed and win our affection not worth to put a sticker Nintendo and Plumber yore in any format .

You have a very strong brand, your audience wants you but it will not accept anything that you throw at her face. Take care of your audience, give him what he wants but in an appropriate format. Mobile gaming is not just a pretty face.

Take care prices, do not be Square-Enix


You will not be fooled, it is true that Android to people struggle to pay for the games but sometimes if you want to ensure that we spend per box, pon reasonable prices . You’re not the only company that has tried to enter from the world of “traditional” mobile gaming, Square-Enix it did in its day but their pricing is very debatable .

It’s hard to please everyone but not overdo charging for games and additional content. Give the value that you think deserves but really, do not think many people are willing to pay 15 Euros for a game. You’ll sell a few, it is a barrier that casts a lot of people back and I am sure that the content can be good but not everyone is willing to spend so much money on a game.

Whatever you do do not do as SEGA


You’re not, as I said, the first to want to succeed in this videogame coming from another platform. SEGA, that you kept company with a huge pulse in the nineties, has decided landfall here too but has not done so with confidence. Whatever you do, do not be like her. Really.

Han based much of its strategy launch rehashes of old games . Something that, as you said, not going to do. Good decision. They are decent although ports are aimed at an audience that once and play so now only provide nostalgia. Play Nostalgia is very ugly.

have also made occasional original game but are formulas that we have seen many times or attempts to continue franchises that have not yet fully understood quite right. They tried with Sonic by episodes but has made us all very warm.

The Virtual Console is your friend


With the Virtual Console has you well Nintendo. You have rescued classic games and already have a very huge. Here is a good opportunity, especially to compete with the many Nintendo consoles emulators out there for Android.

If you offer games at a good price, here you can raise cash. Adaptations are simpler than those who did SEGA at the time (remember: do not be like her). I know you do not want to make refried but so far it go well with the Virtual Console as retro platform .

My last advice? None of this will ensure success. Sorry Nintendo, but the mobile gaming market moves very fast. These tips can help you but what is valid today may change tomorrow altogether. It is a complicated area and you can do well but there’s something you should remember: your name will not give you prestige, you have to earn it

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Nintendo, now you’re gonna do mobile games, this is what you should not do
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March 17, 2015

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