Nokia gets into the car of virtual reality with OZO

Nokia OZO is the new Nokia spherical camera to record content at 360 degrees for virtual reality.

The new Nokia, the left-sided mobile terminals to pass the baton to Microsoft and so far discreetly dedicated to the design and manufacture of tablets for the Chinese market, has surprised all and sundry with an ad on this day, countdown in between, in which the company introduced without many fireworks and many doubts, OZO, its new commitment to virtual reality

Nokia OZO is a spherical camera focused on the video recording and taking pictures at 360 degrees , including audio, with which the company wants to enter the field glasses and virtual reality helmets in recent months and is revolutionizing the market is expected to reach an exponent to consider with the arrival on the market of Oculus VR next year.

3D and virtual reality for the professional market The Nokia system features 8 cameras spread over a spherical surface composed of eight independent eight sensors and lenses in a body of just over two kilos, but for now the quality of the sensors or the resolution thereof, that enable the capture is unknown 3D stereoscopic video, and next to a purpose-built OZO software enables real-time 3D visualization.

This photograph spherical chamber 360 is by no means the first to see in the market and certainly as you are peeling the industry will be one of the first, but from then on paper, and are known more details until the company this officially with all the letters PT pretty well.

Nokia OZO comes just a few months after Google and submit your GoPro own system to create content at 360 degrees during the Google I / O, but it certainly looks much more spectacular than this Nokia camera. Of course, as with the Google-GoPro alliance, the Nokia OZO is focused on the professional market, which is not expected hit the market so massively as sports or underwater cameras.


Nokia gets into the car of virtual reality with OZO
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