‘Once upon a time, “a tale told backwards for gifted children


  • onubense film director Esteban Magaz has filmed a short with an innovative deal.
  • is first film shot with gifted children not They are professional actors.

'Once upon a time'

Huelva film director Esteban Magaz began teaching film to a group of gifted children and his idea of ​​shooting with them was born once upon Once , the first film shot with gifted children who are not professional actors.

Under that name, which exemplifies a story “told in reverse”, this short film, which premiered this week at the Latin American Film Festival of Huelva , is a milestone in the Spanish cinema, so innovative its distribution and also the return of the Huelva filmmaker to fiction after years devoted to event management and of the Huelva address advertisements.

The cast, as the director explained this week, is formed by children between 7 and 12 years , and in essence “the only difference is that children are often ask many things, and you have to be prepared to have answers for everything, great curiosity show absolutely everything. “

Otherwise, he says,” is the only difference they have with regard to children may be called normal, require much more , but then Children are like everyone else, there are no differences. “

Just do a shoot with kids is tough, and the director had to be equitable” and split the work and leisure, so they have had moments of the game, but then they have to work, when have been responsible , and the result is seen on the screen, as it has respected his game turns, as in life same, and got to share the work with fun, “explained Magaz.

The result has been” telling a story with images, and do something different , and if the public is taking good and liked by good will, “he says.

Participating children belong to the delegation in Costa Association of Arete ( Onubense Association for High Intellectual Capacities ), and the idea came, as did Wake , his previous job, from a custom in this case of this association.

Magaz stresses that children “have had the opportunity to learn how to really film is done, from writing the script, through the production, the sets, the costumes and the set, certainly more fun part but also the hardest. “

” Displaying the result we can say that all participants have height by putting a finishing touch to this neat experience, “stressed this week.

The executive production Once Once Upon is done by the young producer Perla Films , under the supervision of Carlos Troncoso, in collaboration with the Association itself Arete-Costa.

A story told backwards

The argument revolves around the world dream of fairy tales , with a story told backwards, and as his own director says, “is a film to feel.”

Besides Magaz own and small, actors involved in this shoot as embodying classic fairytale characters, equipment Once Once Upon has professionals who have participated in altruistic and selfless in the project, as its director.

Once Upon Once is the third work Magaz , who in 2000 became the first time behind the camera to shoot Congress (starring Beatriz Carvajal and premiered at the Film Festival of Peniscola Comedy), and in 2005 became director of Wake (scheduled at the 53 edition of the International Film Festival San Sebastian and Spanish Film Festival in Australia, among others).

‘Once upon a time, “a tale told backwards for gifted children
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November 24, 2013

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