Paquito mini: Spanish tablet for children “not a toy”


  • is an 8 inch tablet with 8 GB of internal memory expandable with SD card, front and rear camera, HDMI cable, USB and Wifi.
  • The developer has done stress upon parental control and the necessary restrictions for minors.

 Paquito Mini

Paquito Mini , a Tablet 8 inches designed in Spain just for kids, with greater parental control and easier handling and intuitive, now fits in your pocket.

The company behind the new development, Imaginarium , with based in Zaragoza, introduced this September, the device, which is a compact and lightweight version of Super Paquito, launched in summer 2012.

With 8 GB expandable memory SD card, front and rear camera 2 megapixel, HDMI cable, USB and Wifi, “Paquito not a toy”, have stressed from the company, which is recommended for children over six years.

Parental Control Levels

The main difference of the new operating system resides on improved parental control , with three different levels of access restriction (high, medium and low), according to preference or age of children.

With a high restriction, children do not have access to Internet , or applications or messaging service, while the lowest can use the device as any other tablet to use to download content, applications, or chat.

New software Magic 2.0 , based on the operating system Android Jelly Bean , is specially created for parents who are so easy and convenient, decide what children can view on the tablet and when they can to.

“Magic 2.0 is a safer environment in which parents have control , and thus educates children in a more responsible use of the Tablet” Arantxa has recently explained Barra, head of communications at Imaginarium.

Paquito Mini also has a rugged, reinforced aluminum casing and is customizable with different desktops: Home, School, Creativity, Bookseller & Entertainment, according to the tastes and needs of the child. Arantxa Barra stressed that the system is also a tool for the school use , with word processing, progress chart with a reward system, calendar and organization of duties.

The tablet includes the new application PaquitoLand , the content platform Imaginarium children, with games to learn English, music, books or videos. This new device also incorporates direct access to Imoon , a library stored in the cloud and play ‘on line’ favorite content.

Paquito The new version is available in 17 languages, for a price of 179 euros .

Paquito mini: Spanish tablet for children “not a toy”
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September 30, 2013

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