Path of Exile Synthesis Memory Nexus Guide

Path of Exile Synthesis Memory Nexus Guide

Have everything you need to know about the Memory Nexus and how to get lots of PoE currency and PoE orbs with it by reading up on our guide here.

The recent launch of the Synthesis introduced tons of exciting new mechanics for us hardcore exiles to tinker with, and this includes the Memory Nexus. This will undoubtedly bring in new puzzle-like elements to the game, making this update a very much unique yet rewarding one. Tinkering the Memory Nexus can get quite complex especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. To avoid being overwhelmed, we’ll help you out by nit-picking Nexus’ functions bundled along with a couple of tips and tricks on other noteworthy additions such as the Fragmented Memory zones. Find out how to get tons of PoE currency and PoE orbs with the use of the Nexus now!

How Do I Unlock the Synthesis Memory Nexus?

Before you dive into the Memory Nexus itself, you need to gain access first. To unlock the Memory Nexus, you will need to do a few quests for Cavas to start the introduction of the Memory Nexus. You’ll get the chance to encounter him in the new zones or maps, where he will then present you with a memory fragment portal. You’ll need to obtain four other memory fragments by completing the mini-quest that Cavas gives you to officially gain access to the Memory Nexus. The area surrounding the Nexus contains a stash for your items, a waypoint, and other intricate contraptions that surround the Memory Nexus.

What is the Memory Nexus Exactly?

After completing Cavas’ quest to recover his five memory fragments, you get to finally use the Memory Nexus! The Memory Nexus PoE is a machine that you can insert the memories you’ve gathered so as to make connections within the Nexus itself.

Mechanics of the Memory Nexus

The Memory Nexus has a map called the “Memory Map”. This is where you can connect the fragmented memories that you’ve collected which will be called “memory nodes” once connected. The main goal here is to connect these memory nodes on the map and collect various rewards along the way. These fragmented memories unlock tons of rewards in the Memory Nexus PoE like Synthesized chests that have jewelry in them, and at times even Synthesis bosses. You can collect these fragments all over the map as they can be fairly easy to find.

There are three steps in using the Memory Nexus to its full potential: create paths, connect the nodes, and collect the rewards. To create paths, use the fragmented memories that you’ve accumulated and insert them into the Path of Exile Synthesis Memory Nexus. Each memory can have up to two to four paths leading out of it. You can place these memories in such a manner where you can get the best rewards out of it. Depending on how you bridge your memories in the Memory Map, you can either get no reward or a whole chest for your efforts. Connecting these memories will then turn them into memory nodes, which will branch out even more around the map.

Each fragmented memory can contain zone modifiers. These zones are where you can insert additional modifiers to further increase the rewards you’ll be receiving from the said memory. There are two types of modifiers that you can put into these zones: Memory Amplifiers and Memory Modifiers. The Memory Amplifiers will grant bonuses to memories that are placed in that specific grid. You can place up to 10 Memory Amplifiers on the Memory Nexus. Meanwhile, the Memory Modifiers grant an additional modifier to a memory square. You can put up to 5 Memory Amplifiers at a time, and they’re known to spawn in Distant Memories—the ones that contain treasure.

And there you have it! Those are all the things you need to know about the Memory Nexus. As long as you place the memories in the right spot, you’re guaranteed to get great rewards besides PoE currency and PoE orbs.

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