radical change to Google Analytics app: Material Design and independence of the web version

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managers traffic and content control their users with Google Analytics will see finally how the Android app it is updated after more than a year and a half standing. New developments inside and outside, because finally has the turn of a facelift based on Material Design .

The designers have applied a radical change to this application, and have even been swept away their old logo from an arrow, reminiscent of the Wall Street of the 90s, and have changed a little succession of bars. But that’s just an insignificant detail, how good is inside


A livelier aspect

The arrival style Material Design to the application Google Analytics is a breath of fresh air. Means leaving behind the gray tones dotted with green, blue and red mobile version inherited from the web version to move to a combination of header and underline orange on drawers background in which the ups and downs are more showy.

Analytics Overview Duo

There is a remarkable personality gain personality in what concerns the presentation of data. The burger (three horizontal stripes) menu remains the basic point from which to navigate between accounts, supports and reports and is automatically linked to Gmail. It is the hub from which move between the different categories of data which Analytics offers.

But no longer inside the drop-down submenus full access that replicated browsing the web version. With the new design, all these data have been reading the page of each section and are loaded slowly as you go sailing, down.

In order to see what it looks faithfully have to prove yourself because at the moment the download page for Google Play only teaches ancient catches. Forgive not provide relevant own catch you this time, but the information, you know, is confidential and for that alone I bring I’ve taken with this dummy user.

More floating menus

Analytics Menu Duo

as the information shows, the more improvement important is the temporary comparison of content displayed by default . We have gone from having always present the data of the current week to have, in addition, of those of the previous week. Although the comparison is there for your query is distinctive from the new data and the old, and there is no saturation of screen information .

I have not found many more sections , graphics or new spaces, perhaps because the old app already had everything. But there is a very advantageous retouching interface. created the control panel is very easy . Each drawer content of the section is, has a small menu points in the upper right corner that serves to keep that variable directly in the custom report.

It is true that when you install the update’ll have to spend some time looking indicators you need most are changed because some site, or flyouts. But it will be a matter of minutes set up a control panel to taste from that very first review.

Now available on Google Play and APK

 Internal Analytics Duo

Finally, as to the Android compatible versions for the moment remains sufficient with any device that has installed Android 4.4 KitKat. But the development team warns that your performance will not be full on devices that have not reached Marshmallow Android 6.0 .

The Google Analystics does not have many users or as well known as many others in the house. At the end of the day is no more than a tool for webmasters or developers and was already full of content that also was ordered as in the web version and therefore did not require any learning. But this facelift involves more than an update of its appearance, is a step forward in navigation that makes it much more pleasant and efficient use.

If you are using Analytics and the old version made you heavy, this is much more useful and enjoyable. The data is up to you.

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The news radical change to the Google Analytics app: Material Design and independence of the web version was originally published in Engadget Android by Sergio Figueroa .

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radical change to Google Analytics app: Material Design and independence of the web version
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April 19, 2016

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