Realme opens 2020 with the X50, its debut 5G, and 5i, almost a clone of the 5

Realme has begun 2020 with a double arrival, their significant input in the 5G of the hand of the X50, with striking features and for the moment only released in China, and that of the 5i, by now marketed in Vietnam , and intended to expand its offerings in the input range.The X50, which may well be considered a mid-range with elements-a premium (your minimum price is 2.499 yuan, around 323 euros at the exchange), integrates technology 5G (is compatible with SA and NSA) and it works using the recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. As maximum offers 12 GB of RAM + 256 GB of internal storage (also available in 8 GB + 128 GB).Your screen FHD+ of 6,57 inches has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a feature in which even surpasses the Realme X2 Pro, your device star (90 Hz). In the upper-left corner of the front includes two cameras, a wide-angle Sony IMX 471 of 16 megapixels and an ultra wide-angle 8 MP.In the rear adds four more cameras, a main 64-MP (Samsung GW 1), an ultra wide-angle 8 MP, a telephoto lens, 12 MEGAPIXELS and a frame of 2 MP. Has a battery of 4,200 mAh with fast charging.For the moment there is no date about the appearance of this first mobile 5G of the company in the old continent, while Levi Lee, its head of Europe, has already alluded on Twitter to the expectations generated about it.

on the other hand, the 5i, the new member of the 5-series, integrated up to now by the 5 Pro, the 5 and the 5S (in the Spanish market we have launched the first two), exhibits some features fairly recognizable.The Realme 5i account with a screen of 6.5 inches, four cameras in the rear (a main 12-megapixel, a wide-angle 8 MP, a portrait of 2 MP and a macro MP), Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 of eight cores and a powerful battery of 5000 mAh.a Few features are identical in the practice of the Realme 5 except for the lower reach of the front-facing camera for selfis (13 MP goes to 8 MP). In contrast, within the similarities, the model 5 Pro has a main chamber 48 MP, a front of 16 MP and a chip Snapdragon 712. Yes, the mobile star of the family has a bottom battery (4.035 mAh) and a screen slightly smaller (6.3 inches).For his part, the 5S, the product of the chinese company also unpublished in Spain, has a main chamber 48 MP, a front 13 MP as well as a Snapdragon processor 665.The 5i is conceived as the most affordable model of the series, as in Vietnam, part of a minimum price of 3.690.000 dongs, a little more than 140 euros to change. In Spain, the Realme 5 Pro costs 189 euros, and the 5 is around 169 euro.In the asian country is available in two colors (green and blue) and also two configurations: 3 GB + 32 GB, or 4 GB + 64 GB.
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Realme opens 2020 with the X50, its debut 5G, and 5i, almost a clone of the 5
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January 8, 2020

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