‘s Best icons and wallpapers for Android: Voxel and wallpapers Parallax

‘s Best icons and wallpapers for Android: Voxel and wallpapers Parallax

Well, without realizing it has come a week in which I show you a pack of icons and wallpapers. Today we show two such items designed to make your Android is more beautiful and attractive. To see what you look like.

Voxel Icon Pack

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First I’ll talk about Voxel Icon Pack. Now you may have noticed lately that the trend in the design of interfaces and other follows the concept “flat”.

The flat style is flat, featureless and textures, and this makes using colors levels the effect is really nice now. Voxel Icon Pack does this, but does not follow the trend of what we’re seeing lately Circular and in this case the icons are square. Pack includes 937 icons, wallpapers and some minor feature. Download it from Play Store for free

Application Google Play

5 Wallpapers Parallax

Parallax Effect is what happens when we have different objects on the same plane and move the point of view of the image elements are moved according to their position in space. Today we show 5 wallpaper character with this effect visually magnify your Android:

Mountains Now

A wallpaper based on Google Now. We may use the Parallax effect the scene with moving our gyroscope.

Aplicación at Google Play

Nightly Sky Live Wallpapaer

A wallpaper of the cosmos. The effect is spectacular this fund. Try it.

Aplicación at Google Play

Parallax Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Another cosmic background, which thanks to the parallax effect can see the movement of the heavenly bodies. Visually appealing.

Aplicación at Google Play


Rain Live Wallpaper

A background with an effect of hyper-realistic drops of rain that appear and disappear depending on our actions. My favorite!

Application in Google Play

Sunrise Live Wallpaper

To finish a wallpaper really nice and will give a harmonious and relaxing look to your Android .

Application Google Play

I hope that between all of you who have shown your favorite MAY FIND. See you in a week!

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