Sitges 2019 | ‘Bloodline’: a playful homage to De Palma. ‘VFW’: a wild with all the spirit of Carpenter

Sitges 2019 | 'Bloodline': a playful homage to De Palma. 'VFW': a wild with all the spirit of a Carpenter

After that the mate Tones to open the closure of these sessions double with critical short, it is my turn to bring you another couple of tapes that we have been able to enjoy in this Festival of Sitges 2019. In this case I will tell you about ‘Bloodline’ and ‘VFW’; a couple of titles that have in common a huge devotion to their referents.


There is No doubt that the producer has taken the film genre —from horror more pure thriller— to a new level, accommodating a wide spectrum of public and providing parts, as a general rule, the quality is more than decent, is a Blumhouse Productions of which usually always expect the best. But, as is logical, it is virtually impossible to keep the bar so high for so long.

In the case of ‘Bloodline’, the feature film debut of Henry Jacobson, we are faced with a production Blumhouse less, but, even so, worthy of being eaten without too many pretensions. To do so, we will find a playful exercise in style influenced by Brian De Palma in which the primary colors, the blood, and the murky domestic relations act as maximum claims.

unfortunately, beyond the surprisingly good job of Seann William Scott in the lead role and your invoice carefully visual, the libretto of ‘Bloodline’ suffers a lack of surprises that keep the tape to be claimed with more fervor among the remarkable selection of us is leaving this Festival of Sitges 2019. 


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This year, Sitges 2019 has brought us to Joe Begos double and two projects are radically different. But leaving aside the lysergic and personal ‘Bliss’ —a sort of counterpart vampire of the ‘Climax’ Gaspar Noe—, I can do no less than applaud the return of american director to his beloved 80’s on ‘VFW’

In his new delirium, which aligns more —in spirit— with his first two films ‘Almost human’ and ‘mental Power’, Begos wears John Carpenter in a hilarious version of ‘Assault on the precinct 13’ with war veterans being assaulted by a horde of punks that seem to be straight out of ‘Mad Max’. Does it sound appetizing? Because trust me, it tastes so much better.

A setting of the first, gore wildly and a narrative of the simple but very effective are some of the virtues of a ‘VFW’ that finds its greatest claim in a group of protagonists charismatic and played by legends of the likes of Stephen Lang, or Fred Williamson. It may be that we are not in one of the best parts of this edition of the competition but, without a doubt, we are in front of one of my favorite. 

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Sitges 2019 | ‘Bloodline’: a playful homage to De Palma. ‘VFW’: a wild with all the spirit of Carpenter
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October 9, 2019

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