Special: Take advantage of your phone’s USB OTG

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A few months made a post about what was the USB OTG or USB On-The-Go and a list of devices supported by this technology.

From this post we would like teach practical examples and possibilities offered by the USB OTG for the device if you have this support and take advantage of your phone even more to cover more fields still aspects that were previously exclusive to desktops or laptops.

For most cases, we will need a converter cable Micro-USB to USB because though our cell phone MicroUSB available, most conventional devices often use regular USB plug. This cable is easy to find in many websites, from eBay , Amazon or DealExtreme and we can find for little more of a euro .

On the scan files, but there are devices that accept and detect when connecting a peripheral or external storage from the USB OTG, in the case of the Galaxy Nexus , Nexus 10, Motorola Xoom or Nexus 7 is necessary to use an external application to explore the files and get the full potential of this technology with applications like the Nexus Media Importer or Nexus Photo Viewer . although there many alternative applications to take advantage of the USB OTG in The Play Store.

Sometimes and depending on the device, you can use the OTG function you must enable USB debugging function of the device. To do this from the phone or tablet accede to Settings -> Developer Options and enable the option “USB debugging” .

If our case and we had to make this is recommended to restart the device to avoid having errors reading device activation or we connect from the USB.

When we have finished transferring data, read or write about this device is important to “eject” the device before disconnecting in the same way you would with a conventional computer.

External Device

SD Card

If you have an SD card adapter to USB and you like photography you’ll love this. Imagine for a moment that we are in another country so do not go home to dump the SD card photos of our SLR camera for a few more days.

In this case we have four viable solutions, search cyber or our accommodations have a computer with a card reader, take multiple cards, bring a laptop or purging the photos go blurry or not good.

With a USB OTG and the reader USB card can dump those cards to our phone or tablet and store them there or, use WiFi to your device for uploading to our photo storage as Google+ Photos , Picasa or Flickr and so go about doing hollow and not waste time looking for a computer or purging photos and be able to do all the photos you want and not lose any details of our departure or trip.



Although it is becoming less common due to the use of the cloud as avoiding storage available external physical storage is danger of losing or corrupting. USB flash drives are still used for transporting or storing large documents or files. Just as the SD card, not having to rely on a computer to have plug and discharge its contents we can use USB OTG to move these files to our tablet or mobile and they can be viewed, edited and re-saved if necessary.

is also very useful for playing music, occasional movie or series or something big that we can save having to make use of our flat rate data or keep waiting for that download.

 OTG USB Pendrive

External Hard Drives

Through converter cable Micro USB to USB can connect hard multimedia external hard same method to connect a MicroSD card or flash drive. In my case, although I’ve read correctly external storage devices up to 500GB, devices with over 1TB of capacity may fail or wait long until you can see the contents of the from our tablet or smartphone.

Also, in case you want to connect a high-capacity hard disk is recommended (and sometimes required) that it has its own power supply not to drain the device’s battery as well as speed connectivity, transfer and availability.

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Keyboard and mouse

Through USB OTG can connect a keyboard or mouse to our tablet converting the tablet into a netbook. Different websites and online shops or eBay we can buy covers with built-in keyboard to turn the tablet into a laptop or netbook easier by the ability to write on it if possible making a productive tool .

There are keyboard covers for both 7-inch tablets to 10.1 tablets.


If for business reasons or tastes need more a mouse that can connect a keyboard mouse to USB OTG without any problems and make use of it through its interface.

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few months ago came a series of terminals with an HDMI output such as LG Optimus 2X and others but gradually the new phones have been apart this slot for two main reasons.

The first is for the bet wirelessly using DLNA technology to stream videos, music or photos from your device to the TV via a WiFi network to a TV, Blu -Ray, etc.. and the other is the universal connection of USB OTG. At the same slot you can connect the phone to the current, connect the phone or tablet to your computer or use the OTG to use external devices as we have seen before but also has another function and is that with a converter to HDMI MicroUSB you can connect your tablet or phone directly to a television.

Although I tried to connect a hub to connect different devices to the same tablet at the same time I have able to read a device while using a keyboard or connect a SD card.

If you have used for other things USB OTG or case studies would be great to meet you and so take full advantage of our tablets and smartphones with USB OTG! For example my USB OTG regular use during my trips to transfer, edit and publish photos from the reflex

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Special: Take advantage of your phone’s USB OTG
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June 25, 2013

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