Summary of The Decapitated Chicken

Decapitated Chicken

Short Summary

All day, sitting on the patio on a bench, the four children were idiots Mazzini-Ferraz marriage. They had the tongue between the lips, eyes stupid and turned their heads with their mouths open.
Was dirt courtyard, enclosed by a fence west of bricks. The bank was parallel to it, five feet, and there he stood motionless, eyes fixed on the bricks. As the sun was hiding behind the fence, the party had idiots decline.
Other times, lined up on the bench, buzzed for hours, imitating the electric tram. But mostly they were off on a dull torpor of idiocy, and spent all day sitting on his bench, his legs hanging and still, soaking of glutinous saliva pants.
These four idiots, however, had been a day the charm of their parents. After three months of marriage, Mazzini and Berta guided her tight love of husband and wife, wife and husband, to a much more vital future: a son: What greater joy for two lovers that honored consecration of their love, uncaged and the vile selfishness of mutual none endless love, which is worse for love itself, possible renewal hopeless
So Mazzini and Berta felt it, and when the son came, at fourteen months marriage, believed fulfilled their happiness.

After a few days paralyzed limbs regained movement but intelligence, soul, even the instinct, had gone away, had been deeply stupid, slimy, pendant , died forever on the lap of his mother.
– Son, my beloved son! Sobbed it, on that dreadful ruin of his firstborn.
The father, desolate, accompanied the doctor out. Yes! -Nod Mazzini. As for the mother, is there a lung blowing not good. Make it look good.
Shattered soul of remorse, Mazzini redoubled love for his son, the little idiot who paid the excesses of the grandfather.
Naturally, the marriage put all your love in hope of another child.
This time the parents fell into deep despair. I did not ask for more beauty and intelligence as the firstborn, but one child, a son as all
the new disaster sore flare sprouted new love, a mad desire to redeem once for all the sanctity of their tenderness. Twins ensued, and point by point repitióse the process of the two largest.
But over his immense bitterness, Mazzini and Berta was a great compassion for her four children. When washed lowed up blood injected face. They laughed then, throwing out tongue and rivers of drool, radiant bestial frenzy. With the twins seemed to have concluded the terrifying offspring.
Iniciáronse with the change of pronoun: your children.
Berta continued reading as if he had not heard.

It’s the first time – said after a while I see you fretting over the state of your children.
Mazzini turned slightly to face her with a forced smile:
-Of our children, do you think?
– Well, for our children. Do you like it? She raised her eyes.
This time Mazzini was clearly expressed:
– Think you can not say that I was at fault, not
– Oh, no! -Berta smiled, very pale-but I do not, I guess! … By all means! … Murmured.
Her husband looked at her a moment, his desire brutal insult. But in the inevitable reconciliations, their souls joined double outburst and madness by another child.
Thus was born a girl.
If you have in recent times Berta always cared for their children at birth Bertita olvidóse almost of all of the others. A Mazzini, albeit to a lesser degree, pasábale same.
Why peace had come to their souls. Gall had accumulated ample time for the vessel not stay relaxed, and the slightest touch the poison was poured out.
With these sentiments, there were four children and for greater affection possible. The maid dressed them, fed them, the sleeping, with visible brutality. They spent most of the day sitting at the fence, remote abandoned all caress.
Bertita Thus four years old, and that night, a result of the goodies parents was absolutely impossible to deny, the creature had a chill and fever. Finally, viper, you said you wanted
– Yes, viper, yes! But I had healthy parents, you hear?, Healthy! My father died of delirium! I have had children as those around the world! Those are your sons, the four yours!
Mazzini exploded in turn.
– Viper consumptive! That’s what I said, what you want to say! Ask him, ask the doctor who has the greatest fault of your children meningitis: my father or chopped lung, viper
continued with increasing violence, until a groan Bertita instantly sealed their mouths.
dawned a splendid day, and while Berta spat up blood. Emotions and bad last night were undoubtedly great guilt. Mazzini held it embraced a long time, and she cried desperately, but with none dared say a word. As barely had time, ordered the servant to kill a chicken.
Radiant day had started at the idiots from your bank. Red … red …
– Lady! The children are here in the kitchen.

Berta came, not wanting to ever set foot there. And even in those hours of full forgiveness, forgetfulness and regained happiness, could be avoided that horrible sight! Because, of course, the more intense were the raptures of love for her husband and daughter, her mood was more irritated with monsters.
– Let go, Mary! Drive them! Drive them, I tell you!
The four poor beasts, shaking, brutally pushed, ended up in his bank. When the sun went down, but Berta wanted a moment to greet her neighbors across the street. His daughter escaped straight home. Stopped at the foot of the fence, looked thoughtfully at the ridge.
The four idiots, the indifferent gaze, saw how her sister could patiently master the balance, and how on tiptoe throat rested on the crest of the fence, between their hand straps.
But the look of the idiots had cheered, one insistent light was fixed on her eyes. They kept their eyes of her sister, while bestial growing sense of gluttony was changing every line of their faces. Slowly advanced toward the fence.

– Soltáme! Let me! He shouted, shaking his leg.
– Mom! Oh, Mom! Mom, Dad! -Cried imperiously.
-Mom, alas! Ma. .
Mazzini, in the house opposite, he thought he heard the voice of his daughter. Yet a moment later fired, and while Bertita to leave his hat, walked into the courtyard Mazzini.
– Bertita
No one answered.
– Bertita! He raised his voice more, and altered.
– My daughter, my daughter! She ran in desperation to the bottom.
Berta, who had already released running in turn on hearing the anguished father called, heard the cry and responded with another. But to rush into the kitchen, Mazzini, pale as death, was filed, containing it:
– Do not go! Do not go!
Berta could see the floor awash with blood.


Summary of The Decapitated Chicken
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June 4, 2013

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