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German Literature

is a dying miller leaves one their children only an old cat, however, is very skilled. This, in principle spend the past makes his master pesos sending it to make a sumptuous boots. After going to a restaurant where they ask partridges, and the restaurant owner says that even in the castle eat partridges, which is very annoying to the king. Then the cat goes to the forest, makes a trap and fills an entire bag of partridges and goes to the castle, where the partridges gives as a gift of an earl and promises to present it soon. The king gives him some money, and with that the cat pays for the food and find the idea of ​​presenting to his master, as Earl.

While in the field, the king is in his carriage with Princess, then the cat says to “count” is going to think of a plan. Then the cat says they were attacked by bandits, who took away the carriage and that the “count” is in the water. The king calls and dress, but the “Count” can barely whisper word, not the cold, but the fear of being found to be Count and executed.

Cat promises to take the palace Earl and forward on a horse for preparations. On the way a farmer asks who are all these fields. And they respond to the sorcerer. Then the cat will directs that if you pass a carriage and ask them who are the fields in which they say that the Count (on pain of run). The cat reaches the castle and tests the sorcerer’s magic. First it does turn into a lion, and the cat trembles with fear, but recovers and tells him to become something big must be easy, but become something tiny that can not be possible, that if you do your life will belong the sorcerer. As soon just say that when the magician becomes a mouse. Puss in Boots then hypnotizes him with her eyes and eats. After it receives to his master, who becomes the new owner of the castle and who marries the princess, ruling with justice to the kingdom and taking the cat with boots as his prime minister.

End of Summary short Puss in Boots (animal fairy tales).

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Summary Puss in Boots
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July 6, 2013

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