Switch could have sold 11 million consoles in the last quarter

Would place the console in a good position to reach 20 million a year.

waiting for that to arrive official numbers, the first estimates on the sales of Nintendo Switch in the straight end of 2018 suggest that the console would have sold more than 11 million consoles in the last quarter of the year.

So what has ensured the Takashi Mochizuki, the Wall Street Journal. The journal has published in the past, through Mochizuki, information pretty accurate on the world of video games, so that may have had access to certain internal information, although possibly preliminary. The data suggest that it would be, as a minimum, more than 10 million consoles and very probably more than 11 million.

This would put Nintendo, if they confirm such sales, in a comfortable position to reach its goal of 20 million consoles in this fiscal year.

This is because the estimated sales of Nintendo consoles Switch from the 1 April (start of fiscal year) until the end of October had been 5.1 million, so that would have closed in December, above the 16 million consoles sold.

it Is expected that now that you have lleagdo to the shops games like Pokémon: Let’s Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, along to the launches of the first quarter, hold a rate of sales enough to position the console in the 20 million totals for the fiscal year.

According to Mochizuki, the financial analysts of trust considered that it is increasingly feasible that Nintendo will reach that goal of 20 million consoles in the fiscal year, despite the fact that initially it had been considered that it would be very complicated.

In any case, it seems that analysts are forecasting that the benefits of Nintendo might overcome the initial forecasts and it is not excluded that in the next general shareholders meeting, see revised upward, due to strong sales of the console as to the high number of games that are you selling to her.

Switch could have sold 11 million consoles in the last quarter
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January 17, 2019

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