SyFy passes the cliffhanger and cancels ‘Helix’ after two seasons

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The first season of ‘Helix’ your thriller placed a center of disease control and arctic scientists working on it. The first 13 episodes will work well enough to SyFy; He had an average of 0.5 in demos and almost a million and a half spectators and managed to attract some conversation, so the network decided to renew for a second

The next 13 episodes movían to the island of St. Germain , another isolated place and it takes generations inhabited by a religious community dodgy history. The story began a few months after what happened last season, and there were some leaps forward. When the second round earlier this year opened, data plummeted.

After a premiere which lost nearly 50% of viewers last season, the data did nothing but lose. He lost many followers who finally left with a average of 0.2 in demos and 560,000 spectators ; half a million people today SyFy be confirmed without a resolution to the cliffhanger with which dismissed the episode 26

I still remember the excitement generated by ‘Helix’ at the time.; not only because their promos carried Lovecraft references as cancer or black X-Files, but because Ronald D. Moore (‘Battlestar Galactica’) was behind the production and some scripts. But after a few episodes, the conversation began to wane. I myself gave up and I lost track while unaware that the second season took place on an island.

It’s never good news that a series is canceled, provided you know someone who curses in Aramaic running out resolution final.No a great climax must not lose hope, we live in a time in which until ‘The Last Ship’ will then be comic .

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News passes the cliffhanger and SyFy canceled ‘Helix’ after two seasons was originally published in Go Tele by Adriana Izquierdo .

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SyFy passes the cliffhanger and cancels ‘Helix’ after two seasons
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May 3, 2015

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