Tangled, a puzzle game and taken to the extreme entanglement

For now have gone through the cover of The Free Android representatives of all genres, from action games to strategy. Today we’ll talk about another genre with a very loyal niche players, the puzzles of.

Tangled is a game whose simplicity is its complexity. We have different lines tied on points, and our goal is that no line passes over another. This may seem easy, but when we liquidating levels when we see the real difficulty hiding.

Graphically this is one of the simplest games that have gone through this section, and rightly. Hardly six “atmospheres” different, that all they do is change the background and color of the points, but also lacks more . It lies in the gameplay where the good of Tangled , as the touch screen seems tailor-made for this type of game.

90 levels spread across six worlds, in which the top five challenges be the simplest. In each level you can get up to three stars depending on the speed and the steps we take to solve it. Get enough stars, and will open the upper levels, with a number of points to reach double figures and dozens of lines to move. If we can finish us the game, we will be rewarded with a mode that generates random challenges .

Tangled is available for € 1.57, and will delight fans more brainy.

Tangled on Google Play.

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Tangled, a puzzle game and taken to the extreme entanglement
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November 14, 2012

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