Remove odd signs at the end of WordPress url

Usually when I installed my themes, I had it based on one that I already had predesigned, to which I only had to change a couple of things according to the site where I installed it. However, even remotely it fell to the account that exactly that was where the problem was so that some rare characters were shown right after the clean URL.

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Remove odd signs at the end of WordPress url

Much I racked my brains thinking about how to remove strange signs at the end of WordPress url. And I did not achieve it for long, until I surfed the web I realized where the problem was:

Remove strange signs at the end of url wordpress

Having clean URLs is a very good thing because if someone shares our article, the URL will remain intact and will avoid additional addresses. But what do I mean with clean URL? To something like this:

While a contaminated URL, or with strange signs at the end may be something like this:

Remove strange signs at the end of url wordpress

And of course, this is not aesthetically seen in our site. So I set out to find the problem so that this did not happen and I found it. The aim was to have the Addthis code loaded in the predefined theme, to share the content in the different social networks. And it turns out that such code is the cause that at the end of the WordPress URL are added those additional signs that nothing can be pleasant.

And the solution that I found was very simple. It is simply adding, at the end of our Addthis code (whichever it is), this other piece of code:

<script> var addthis_config = {data_track_clickback: false} </ script>

Ready, that’s it. There is absolutely nothing more to do. This will change the behavior of our URLs, showing them clean. I clarify that this code must be added, either via FTP, or from our WordPress Theme Editor, by modifying just the file where the Addthis code is. Or maybe it’s in the sidebar. Anyway, wherever it is: in the single, in the header, in the sidebar, etc. Proceeding in this way, we will have our problem solved. Please comment below if it worked.

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