Who invented the sound equipment

The story points to Thomas A. Edison, who designed a sound recording system inside a cylinder, which rolled against a needle. In the grooves of the cylinder, the needle went up and down, generating a series of sound vibrations that were amplified in a cone-shaped horn and called a ‘phonograph’.

The first sound team, who is it actually owed?

Many changes and modifications suffered during its first thirteen years of use. Various types of materials were used to manufacture the first turntables called phonographs, which served as media for recordings and to reproduce sound. These materials were tested by Edison himself and researchers from the United States and across Europe.

The three main materials were: first, tin paper; then the paraffin cardboard tube and the third, the solid wax cylinder, with which this first sound apparatus was started to be marketed in the world.

Around 1888, Emilio Berliner, a German living in Washington, patented an artifact much like Edison’s phonograph, but it was different because he did not use a cylinder as a recording medium, but a flat-shaped disc whose print was printed performed in the groove by lateral amplitude, contrary to the cylinder that goes vertically. Berliner called his invention ‘gramophone’

But it must be borne in mind that the main technological devices, including those of sound, were actually invented first and in a way too advanced for the time, was Nikola Tesla, the true author of the radio.

Tesla worked for some time for Edison, but Edison treated him very badly because of his envy and took advantage of Tesla’s supreme intelligence. In all studies on electricity and radio frequency, from Nikola Tesla’s head, inventions such as television, radio, radar, cell phones, radio phones, etc. emerged from Nikola Tesla’s head.

Who invented the sound equipment
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