Tell me what you sell and I’ll tell you where you should search for customers: how to choose a marketplace depending on your type of trade

the digitization of businesses is a key strategy if you want to be successful in the business it has become clearer than ever in recent months.

Take only a physical store is not enough anymore and the sale online tripped, especially by the health crisis but it is a trend that was already on the rise in recent years.

According to the results of the ‘VII Annual Survey of eCommerce in Spain by 2020’, 72% of the Spanish users between the ages of 16 to 70 years using the internet as a shopping channel, that is to say, 22.5 million people. As we said, the situation of global warning has influenced these figures, but the electronic commerce is a business model that is being consolidated year after year -in 2019, the data was only a point lower, at 71%-.

however, for some traders established on the internet poses a challenge: either because they are small businesses, either because they do not handle the tools or because they do not know where to start. Even so, in a recent survey published by eBay, the smes see the digitization as a clear opportunity, as the majority (82%) think it will come to more markets thanks to the ecommerce.

The first thing you have to make a trade is to make an analysis of its own brand, to get to know the potential market. Also, you must know the environment of your current market and how it will differentiate and enhance their brand versus their competitors. Finally, it should be study the characteristics of the products that you want to transfer to the digital sphere: what are likely to be sold online or that we are looking in internet is making them known to, and derive from sales in the physical channel?

These are the main points that stand out the experts at the time of establishing a digital strategy. All of them, united to visibility online and the way in which powers the brand, will determine the success when you start to work on a digitalisation plan.

In the opinion of Rubén Gascón, expert in digitization and services to the trade of Zerca!, there are two main advantages of a marketplace: the positioning with respect to competition and the simplicity and savings in technology.

“with Respect to the positioning, the possibility of increasing the visibility and creating synergies with other products of other businesses is very interesting,” explains Gascón. “We talk about cross-selling; for example, if you sell socks you want very much to be in a platform that also sells shoes, because you don’t have to invest in SEO (positioning in the internet) and in online advertising, the marketplaces do for you”, it specifies.

In terms of simplification and savings in the technological level, the marketplace provides “a technological structure strong, allowing a significant saving not only in infrastructure but also in payment gateways and transport”.

anyway, Gascón recommended to anyone who wants to sell in a marketplace that “the provision of advice, since not all platforms are the same.” For example, in some it is essential to pay to position yourself well within the marketplace, with which this first advantage may be diluted.

In a few words, says, sell in a marketplace “makes life easier” and “allows you to stay focused on the shopping experience”.

“of Course! There are now alternatives really interesting that facilitate the small trading place in the market online their range of products at a very competitive costs. It is our case, Zerca! it is specifically focused on this type of stores in proximity; both the process of digitization as the operations and services that support the platform are intended to facilitate the local trade is your access to the digital sale,” says Gascón.

do Not try to compete with Amazon, he says, but completing the offer. “In Zerca! we went to the consumer looking for a purchasing responsible to support the local commerce and the economy of proximity, and minimizing the environmental impact with the ‘last mile’ as the logistic model,” adds the expert.

A priori, responsible for digitization and services to the trade Zerca! he says that “the answer should be ‘yes’, by the visibility that would have a catalog if we were on all platforms”, however, he adds, this would not be “entirely true”. “There is the idea that to be in many sites for you to highlight your trade will result in a greater number of sales, but the reality is that ‘there is a marketplace for every business model’. Before you choose a platform we must know what are the advantages and the consideration that we are going to ask”, he says.

Gascon explains schematically how it would be a good plan of action: “I would Say that if you are a manufacturer or have a product very differentiated and are willing to sacrifice margin and invest to have a figure of high sales, you can bet by Amazon. If you are looking for a shop window that gives you a lot of visibility, even sacrificing brand image and shopping experience, and not accurate other services AliExpress is a good choice. Finally, if you need advice to set a digital strategy, you have a limited budget and in addition you want the marketplace to help direct traffic in person to your physical store, Zerca! it is the best option.”

on the other hand, points to be on many platforms may imply that “desatiendas” the management of so many shop windows online for lack of time or resources, and this results in that the end user has “a bad experience and will not repeat the purchase.” “is Not just selling, but of generate sensations that make the user want to return to buy”, concludes the expert.

businesses that want to join a marketplace national or have a support in scanning, you can access Zerca!.

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Tell me what you sell and I’ll tell you where you should search for customers: how to choose a marketplace depending on your type of trade
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August 10, 2020

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