The apps that will make you eat and drink is the best of the summer


  • Enjoy the food this summer finding the perfect places.
  • do you Want to be the king of the grill? There are also apps that allow you to be.
  • do you Spend in the kitchen in the summer? As ólvídate of it and ask what you want from your phone.

Beach snack bar

Eating and drinking is a pleasure that, in general, carried to its maximum expression during the holidays, as it is the perfect period to be with friends, with family or with the couple and go to different places and its gastronomy. But it is also time for leisure, beach, barbeques, dinners, balcony… for all of that, here are some of the applications that this summer may be very useful and that will help you choose the perfect site.

Where do we eat?

Something normal that happens on the beach is not knowing where to go to eat, for a drink, but… what if it was the other way around? What if escogieras the beach from now on by the bars that you have?

Chiringt Google Play AppStore

The best beach bars of beach with which you will be able to choose the best option according to your tastes, since that allows to know the cuisine, the cocktails, if you are in the sand, if you have a swimming pool, terrace… in Addition, it offers the exact location, hours, phone, etc ..

The app works with GPS and gives you the opportunity to save your bars favorites for a quick search. You will also receive notifications of the sites that you have registered as favorites.

Menu inside the app Chiringuía

ForkGoogle Play AppStore

allows You to discover restaurants and book a table at the best price. To find your desired location you can do a search with filters: price, closeness, cooking… For every booking acumularas points yums which you can then redeem for cash.

Menu inside the app Holder

do This when it is ready?

A good plan in the summer is to invite a few friends home for a barbecue alongside a few beers.

Timer Bbq Google Play

Es a free application that will allow you to be the hero of the celebration in front of your friends, because you will get to make a meal of 10. Your only responsibility is to select the type of cut and weight and the application will tell you the temperature and the exact time to get to that point you’re looking for. And quiet, he does not lack that you’re stuck to the barbecue because the application will let you know when you have that give back to the meat thanks to a countdown.

For Apple users, GrillTime AppStores– is an application with a similar functionality although it has a cost of 1.99 dollars.

Better not to cook

summer Cooking is something that people may not take well. It’s hot, you need to go up before the pool or the beach. A good option is to ask for the food you bring home.

Just Eat Google Play and AppStore

Is one of the most well known platforms within the service delivery at home, there is a great offer thanks to the 6,000 restaurants that account, and you’ll be able to find Turkish food, japanese, chinese, Italian… The application is often have offers and allows the payment of cash, card and paypal.

Menu inside the app Just Eat

Deliveroo Google Play AppStore

It is dedicated to the home delivery of food from the different restaurants. They are committed to deliver your favourites in less than 32 minutes. in Addition, the app gives you the option of schedule orders and keep track of its state: preparation, collection and delivery.

The hour of the cups

These applications will help you be the best bartender in the house.

Cocktail FlowGoogle Play and AppStore

Offers more than 600 cocktail recipes and smoothies, where you’ll find the perfect drink for every occasion. But if you don’t have the necessary ingredients, do not worry, because with the option ‘mybar’ you’ll be able to make the best cokctail with what you have at home. The application regularly updated with new recipes.

Menu inside the app Cocktail Flow

Sos CocktailsGoogle Play

it Has a great collection of recipes presented with instructions step-by-step on how to get. To find the cocktail you can search by name, category or ingredients. In addition, it gives the opportunity to share your own preparations with others.


The apps that will make you eat and drink is the best of the summer
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August 14, 2017

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