The best deals on apps and games for Cyber ​​Monday

The best deals on apps and games for Cyber ​​Monday

No one would take advantage of ... weird. CleanMyMac 3 (OS X) Reduced 30%, is one of the best applications a...

No one would take advantage of … weird.

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CleanMyMac 3 (OS X)

Reduced 30%, is one of the best applications available for OS X, and probably the best for system maintenance when removing old files or duplicates, optimize storage, etc. Spend 39.99 euros 27.97 euros in the MacPaw Store

Bundle of Parallells

The best option to simultaneously run Windows within OS X comes with a bundle that includes the following services or applications.

  • 11 Parallels (OS X)
  • 1Password
  • Evernote Premium
  • Camtasia
  • Pocket Premium
  • PDFpen Pro 7
  • Snaglt
  • Access Parallels

1,400 pesos / dollar 79.99 / 79.99 euros in the Parallels store.

Video Games Xbox One in the Spanish Store

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider goes from 59.99 to 47.99 euros
  • Halo:. Master Chief Collection goes from 49.99 euros to 20 euros
  • Dead Rising 3 goes from 49.99 euros to 20 euros.
  • Forza Motorsport 6 goes from 69.99 euros to 55.99 euros.
  • Sunset Overdrive goes from 44.99 euros to 18.99 euros.

Office 365

The Queen of office suites now licensed through monthly subscriptions with prices really striking. There are personal and family licenses, domestic /, to students … From US $ 6.99 per month web Office 365.

Pixelmator (IOS)

One of the best photo editors in iOS, and the most complete, was recently lowered from 4.99 euros a 1.99 euros. In addition, it is a universal application (iPhone & iPad). In the App Store.

2nd (OS X)

Reduced to 50%, especially interesting considering their usual high price. It is one of the best applications on the organization, task management and productivity that can be found in the App Store for OS X. Now, 379 pesos / dollar 24.99 / 24.99 euros in the Mac App Store.

Dragon Quest II (Android)

One of the most famous and successful games for Android is 50% of its usual price. A classic RPG led the most widely used operating system in the world. If you like, there are several sequels in href=”″> web . This version is for 40 pesos / dollar 2.42 / 2.29 euros Play Store.

iA Writer (IOS)

Perhaps the minimalist text editor par excellence. Compatible with markdown, Dropbox and OS X version (this is universal for iPhone and iPad). Cuesta, recessed, 75 pesos / dollar 4.99 / 4.99 euros. Available at App Store

Google Play Music

It is itself “a recessed app”, but the offer is more than fair. $ 1 or 1 EUR to try for three months the Google Play Music service is almost irresistible to give it a try and see what can bring against Apple Music Spotify or if we already use one of the latter services. Play Store.

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