The consequences of a nuclear explosion in your city

The consequences of a nuclear explosion in your city

The simulation of nuclear explosions can be very useful to raise awareness of the dangers of war technology, an...

The simulation of nuclear explosions can be very useful to raise awareness of the dangers of war technology, and Nukemap application, invaluable.

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The destructive capacity of human beings reached its climax, perhaps provisionally, with bomb. It was developed by the US during the World War II with the help of UK and Canada through the Manhattan Project, whose scientific research was conducted by the physical Robert Oppenheimer.

Based on the explosion caused by the chain reaction that causes the fission of a bombarded with neutrons, core may be uranium or plutonium, elements that give name to the various types of atomic bombs core. In the H or thermonuclear bomb, which is the core hydrogen fusion (not fission) of two nuclei, and the N or neutron bomb occurs, thermonuclear derived, direct radioactivity explosions are achieved up to seven times that of the H pump, radioactivity, however, is much shorter than that caused by fission. Thus, the detonation of a neutron bomb damaged buildings but little slaughters all kinds of living things.

The pump power is measured in tones or tons of trinitrotoluene (TNT).

Nukemap and simulated atomic explosions

Simulation Nukemaps.

Beyond the scientific explanations, the explosion of an atomic bomb and the gigantic cloud of smoke, fire and debris mushroom shaped occurring are frightening. The nuclear historian Alex Wellerstein helps us understand the devastation of a similar outbreak href=”” Nukemap A simulator online of atomic explosions, mushup of Google Maps, with which you can select the place to fall pump and power, from 100 militoneladas nuclear device Davy Crockett to 100 megatons the Tsar Bomba.

The calculations of the application detailing the size of the fireball, areas that would be affected by the flames of the explosion, by wave expansive, by high temperatures and radiation, depending on the strength and direction of wind, and the number of human victims. is startling see the results. For you an example, if an atomic bomb 100 megatons is detonated in Elche, Spanish city where I live now, with wind Northeast, 12,960 square kilometers would be affected between Murcia and Munich, Germany, with Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, ​​Marseille, Genoa, Turin and Milan in between, with over 350,000 estimated deaths and 530,000 injuries.

Imagine what would happen in your city. Or better, check it in Nukemap.

The application is in 2-D, and there was a version in 3-D, but the page itself tell us that Google disapproves the necessary plugin to run this latest version and has not announced who will replace. So, for now, we have to settle with flat two dimensions.

Software to raise awareness

Everett Historical – Shutterstock

Away from the playful approach with some publications welcomed this application, speaking Nukemap use as entertainment or even potentially genocidal cheerful, well can serve as awareness of the dangers of war technology in the wrong hands and their consequences.

From time to time jumps to any news media on negotiations to restrict the Iranian or North Korean nuclear testing program. The arms race of the Cold War and is distant past, and it seems the world has chosen to forget the fact of genocide that America belongs to the side of “good” in the Second World War, committed to launching paths pumps Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing about 220,000 people, about half the detonation and the rest, because of the resulting radiation. Oppenheimer felt he had “blood on their hands” for having participated in the creation of the pump, and Albert Einstein condemned “all the action of the atomic bomb against Japan”.

If the government of a country like the United States, not just considered the world’s policeman, was capable of it, it is worth reflecting on whether to make pedagogy for preventing war and nuclear proliferation, from schools to government commissions. And simulate nuclear explosions Nukemap can be an invaluable aid in this task


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