The Film and Cardona are turning on the centenary of Orson Welles


The Film and Cardona are turning on the centenary of Orson Welles

Catalonia Film Library will celebrate the centenary of the birth of film director Orson Welles with a range of activities including a comprehensive retrospective of his work, some unfinished and unpublished, a play, an international seminar which opens on Wednesday, coinciding with the birth of the versatile artist, the oldest daughter of multidisciplinary artist, Chris W. Feder, and the screening of Falstaff in the Collegiate Cardona


” As Welles was more than a filmmaker, we will devote more than a retrospective ‘, announced the director of the Film Library, Esteve Riambau in a ceremony accompanied by the Minister of Culture of the Generalitat, Ferran Mascarell; Mayor of Cardona (Barcelona), Ferran Estruch, and the director of the Romea Foundation and actor Carles Canut.

The Catalan is one of the planet’s most heartfelt tributes to the figure of Welles in opinion of the Minister of Culture, happy to present the activities that will elapse between May 6, the date of birth of the filmmaker, and June 30 of this year thanks to highlight impulse Riambau, expert and researcher the work of the director of The War of the Worlds .

One of the “unique moments” program will take place in the Collegiate Cardona ?? one of the sites rolled ??, where the restoration of Chimes be screened at midnight with a very special sound and the presence of the protagonist Keith Baxter, when is the fiftieth anniversary of the shooting of the film in the town Bages , who turned in the shooting, said Riambau.

In retrospect, running from May 6 to June 30, the film library of 35 titles scheduled including all movies Welles directed for cinema or television, films in which he participated as an actor or unfinished or unreleased films.

Citizen Kane , considered the best film of movie history, will be in charge of opening the retrospective, in which can not be finally see The other side of the wind not arrive in time for restoration , but Unfinished works and obediently yours , preserved in the Film in Munich.

play and exhibition will be screened tail

Another of the star activities arrive on June 1st hand Carles Canut actors and Josep Maria Pou, who will take the stage of the Teatre Romea an interview by a great American presenter Orson Welles , said Canut, who has referred to the filmmaker as a “indisputable figure” raising resounding yeses.

An exhibition of photographs of Tail during the filming of Chimes at Midnight will be seen from May 6 to June 30 at the Film Archive, and later travel to the town of Cardona, who has proposed reviving the “big party” which involved the shooting of Welles for a town of only 8,000 inhabitants, and in which young actors, hairdressers and anonymous extras were involved, stressed the mayor.

To further advance unknown aspects of Welles, one of the highlights come with an international symposium, which involved the eldest daughter of ?? multidisciplinary artist who appears in one of his father’s films ??, which will be attended actor Keith Baxter and restorers, experts, teachers, professors and playwrights from around the world , as Luciano Berriatúa, Jean-Pierre Berthomé, Josep Maria Català, Stefan Drössler, Joseph McBride, Carlos Tálaga, François Thomas and Chris W. Feder.


The Film and Cardona are turning on the centenary of Orson Welles
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