The world’s smallest airplanes

Airplanes are simply amazing artifacts, as they are able to take to the skies defying gravity, but it is even more amazing when these flying artifacts have a tiny size. They are considered a technological marvel, as they are light and very versatile and can land anywhere due to their small size. They are considered quite exotic and very few people are fortunate enough to fly in one of them. In this installment we present: the smallest airplanes in the world. Let’s see.

Spacek SD-1 Minisport

This is a sporty and light aircraft, of Czech origin, designed by Igor Špaček. It was created with wood and carbon fiber materials. It has a capacity for one crew member. By 2015, 113 examples had been sold and 41 of these were flying. It features a length of just 4.35 meters; it weighs 110 kilograms and can reach a top speed of 185 km/h.

Starr Bumble Bee II

This curious mini-plane was built by Robert H. Starr, in Phoenix, Arizona. It was specially created to win the record for the smallest biplane in the world. Its first flight was on April 2, 1988. It has capacity for a single crew member, its impressive measurements are only 2.7 meters long; its weight is 180 kilograms and it reaches a maximum speed of 305 kilometers per hour.

Colomban MC-15

This is the smallest twin-engine aircraft in the world. It is also known as the Cri-Cri Jet. It was designed by Michael Colomban, with capacity for a single crew member. It was introduced on the market in 1973 and is for civilian use. It barely reaches 3.9 meters in length, with a weight of 70 kilograms and can reach a maximum speed of 220 k/h.

Bede BD-5

This incredible miniature aircraft was first marketed in the 1970s. The designer was Jim Bede. It has capacity for a single crew member, with a length of 4.11 meters. It weighs 167 kilograms and reaches a maximum speed of 500 kilometers per hour. Currently, there are at least 30 of these mini-aircraft operating around the world.


It is an aircraft that was created for military reconnaissance. It was designed and developed by AHRLAC HOLDINGS in South Africa. It is a more economical and versatile substitute for modern unmanned aerial vehicles. It is 10.3 meters long and weighs 2,000 kilograms including ordnance. It can reach a maximum speed of 504 k/h.

Eclipse 400

This aircraft has a capacity for two pilots and three passengers, is for civilian use, was an exclusive design of the company Elipse Aviation in New Mexico, its first flight was on July 2, 2007, but unfortunately the company went bankrupt in 2008 and no more models were developed, has a length of 8.84 meters, weighs 1125 kilograms and reaches a maximum speed of 612 kilometers per hour, can be purchased for $ 1.2 million.

Icon A5

This is the smallest seaplane. As its name suggests, it can take off and land on water. The first prototype was launched in 2008. 100 examples have been marketed for civilian use and its fuselage is made of carbon fiber. It has a capacity for two people, with a length of 6.7 meters. It weighs 454 kilograms and can reach a maximum speed of 192 kilometers per hour. It is priced at a modest 180,000 euros.

Mini C-17 Promo

This is a miniature replica of the C-17 Globemaster III. It took the specialists 5 years to build it. This model was baptized with the name “Spirit of Hope and Freedom” and measures only 6.4 meters in length. This air vehicle was created for educational purposes and has participated in various parades, air shows and exhibitions in the United States.

Vision Jet G2+

The Cirrus Aircraft company of Duluth, USA, has manufactured many models of light and small airplanes, but the Vision Jet G2 is one of the most advanced and fastest. It measures 9.4 meters in length and reaches a maximum speed of 576 kilometers per hour. It costs $2.75 million with elite equipment.


This is a light sport utility aircraft. It hit the market in 2016, authored by the Cub Crafters corporation. It measures 7.2 meters in length, weighs 552 kilograms and can reach a maximum speed of 246 kilometers per hour. it is perfect for adventure flights, it can be purchased for $ 325,000.

Undoubtedly, these airplanes have caused a huge furor around the world, since their dimensions are truly amazing. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and new, even smaller models are expected. Although there are drones that can be of smaller proportions, but in this case we are talking about those that can carry at least one person.

Another challenge for science and the aeronautical technology industry is to find new forms of energy to replace fuel.

The world’s smallest airplanes
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