This robot carries food to the infected by coronavirus to avoid spreading the epidemic

there are Already more than 200 dead and close to 10,000 of the infected epidemic of coronavirus Wuhan. 99% of the cases have been located in China -Germany, Japan, the US and Vietnam are some of the other infected countries-. With these figures growing exponentially, any measure of containment is low.

a Good part of the asian country is in quarantine now, and the wit has been sharpened in some places. It is the case of a hotel in the chinese city of Hangzhou, who want to make their support to fight against this public health crisis in a very innovative: uses robots to deliver food to the travelers who are in isolated in their rooms, according to reports in his account of Twitter the means of communication’, China’s Xinhua News’.

In the midst of an outbreak of coronavirus, this nice android that bills itself as ‘Peanut’ announces its arrival in the hallway for the guests to open their doors: “Hello. ‘Peanut’ is serving meals. It to good use. Please contact the staff at the hotel for WeChat if you need anything else.” These robots sharing through the 16 floors of the hotel.

As it makes clear the warning message of ‘Peanut’, the hotel staff are not at risk and is developing all the efforts on-line, using as a resource WeChat, ‘the WhatsApp chinese’ which is the instant messaging application most used daily among the population of China.

Over 200 people are in quarantine at this accommodation in the capital of the Zhejiang province because they traveled in the same aircraft as passengers of Wuhan, the epicenter of the 2019-nCov), the name that has been given the World Health Organization (WHO) to the pneumonia that was detected for the first time in China on the 31st of December of 2019. Travellers will remain at least two weeks isolated as a prevention measure.

This wizard with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developed by the company Keenon Robotics. Can move autonomously, and you can customize multiple packages of the expressions ‘bionic and vivid’ to display human emotions.

‘Peanut’ has sensors, radar technology and machine learning allow it to be placed in the environment, to move safely and to recognize easily the person who is about to pick up a tray of food from your pantry.

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This robot carries food to the infected by coronavirus to avoid spreading the epidemic
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January 31, 2020

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