Tips for organizing your bookmarks in the browser

Tired of looking website that you saved before? Learn how to organize your favorites to become more productive while browsing the Internet.

When you browse the Internet and something catches our attention, we can save the address of that website to visit whenever we want, this is easily achieved using markers. All web browsers have incorporated this feature in some markers change the name favorites, but basically serve the same purpose: create a shortcut to our favorite web pages .

Personally I use Google Chrome, because my Gmail account can sync everything . My favorite, my history, my saved passwords, my extensions, etc. And in the case of favoritos, It is great because I can access them from any computer or from my phone and not have to worry about remembering many sites. In Firefox it is similar, but here you have to create an account Sync to synchronize all our data.

However, so if I have a problem is with how to organize them, I’m always creating new folders or sometimes can not find what I want. So you do not pass this, here are some tips that will allow you to organizar better your favorites.

Use the bookmarks bar

The bookmarks bar on a area is generally located below the address bar in the browser. This bar allows you to create shortcuts to our favorite sites by dragging up there. If you edit the name of some places you can save more space inside the bar. Also, if the site has href=””> even need to put a name.

Some browsers do not display the bookmarks bar but is very easy to activate. In Chrome go to Menu / Favorites and select Show bookmarks bar or press Ctrl + Shift + B . In Firefox go to Menu / Customize , click the Show / Hide toolbars dropdown and select Bookmarks . In Safari bookmarks bar is displayed as a sidebar, but you can create the same effect as in Chrome or Firefox if you install ButtonBar+

Organize alphabetically

Whether you choose to create folders or not, sort sites web alphabetical search any easier. The trick with this board is that when you save a bookmark, you make sure that the name is correct . Often when an article or a page is saved, the default name that appears is not correct. When saving the scoreboard erases all information that is irrelevant and only let the appropriate text so you can find it in the next time.

To organize favorites alphabetically in Chrome go to Menu / Bookmarks / Bookmark Manager , select the folder you want to organize and click Organize and select Reorder by Title .

Firefox go to Menu / Show All Bookmarks to open the catalog, position yourself on the folder you want to sort, and then select Sort by name .

Sort by themes

Perhaps the simplest way to organize your bookmarks you create folders by subject or category. Additionally you can create subfolders to put together the thematic structure that suits you. For example, suppose you have a folder called Linux and within subfolders are courses, topics and tutorials, each with their respective websites stored.

Sort by Color

If you're a visual person, a very fun way to organize your favorite is doing according to icon color on page or favicon . How is that? As well, we know that the Facebook favicon color is blue, that of Gmail is red and Instagram is brown; and Twitter and Trello could enter the same category of Facebook, blue

To organize color can create folders for each primary color. Red, blue and green. And create a special folder for icons that do not contain a predominant color. In Safari this method does not work because the icons are not visible in the sidebar.

Sort as you use them

If you are a person who uses the web browser to work during the day , it makes sense to organize your favorites according to the site you are using at certain times. As organized from left to right, you can start with the first site we visited in the morning and incorporate the other according to need.

Using an extension

If you want something even simpler can add to your browser some extensions that you avoid fatigue organize everything to hand. In Chrome Bookmark Manager uses , in addition to help with the organization incorporate other useful functions and a nice interface .

installed Firefox Auto-Sort Bookmarks to organize so your favorite Auto . Although you can also choose the sort order and configure folders to include manually.

Opera users can use - o-bookmarks placing a bookmark icon in the address bar to place the bookmark name and select which folder we want to save


Mojave Safari Bookmarks works well; here the folders are called collections.


Tips for organizing your bookmarks in the browser
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