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Not all have a powerful mobile or need thousands of extra features, or demand the latest, but not have to give up a good Internet browser. For all browsers are “mini “, smaller versions (consumption, features and space) of the most popular browsers on the market.

For example, if you have a mobile as the HTC Desire, which is quite low internal memory, mini browsers can be your solution and take up much less space. In contrast, you lose some extra features that do have the full version, though, if we’re honest, most people almost never used.

If your problem is the consumption of resources, mini browsers can also be the ideal solution. When versions that take up less and have fewer features, also reduces the processes run, so it does not require as much power as the full versions.

For these reasons and many more, these mini browsers can be the perfect solution for you, so here are the five most popular browsers Google Mini Play.

Opera Mini


We started with a classic among classics. We all already know the Opera browser, but not its mini version, which takes all the best of the full version of Opera and binds in a more lightweight both in resources and disk space (less than two MB).

In terms of performance and speed, Opera Mini is one of the best browsers “mini” we can find. Yes, in regard to extra features, we found it a bit poor if compared with the competition . However, I would say that is more than enough for those who just want to surf.
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As for interface differs slightly maxi version, and in this case opt for dark shades and a more sober menus . Aesthetically speaking I think the normal version is better, but it is undeniable that Opera Mini has the elements of a more sensible and useful.

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Dolphin Browser Mini


Now to the well-known mini version of Dolphin Browser. This version, as is evident, reduces the list of options, but retains an attractive and functional aesthetics, plus many features that are useful.

Among the most notable find a gesture control or dashed agent selector (PC version, mobile, iPhone or iPad), full screen mode and back up our data. But what is surprising is not the function itself, but have been able to include a application with as little weight ( just 1 MB ) and perform as well.

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In terms of interface, I think the Dolphin Browser is the most practical and attractive than we can find mini browsers. Yes, is designed for mobile phones with screens larger than 4 “(that does not mean it does not work on phones with smaller screens).

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Boat Browser Mini


We now one of my favorites. combines perfectly the weight, the number of options and performance making it a strong candidate to remain installed on your Android device.

As for interface respect, it is very practical and attractive, as in Dolphin. However, I miss the Dolphin switch tabs, which greatly facilitates switching between different tabs.

In the section of performance and features, this browser easily meets. In addition to the traditional functions, it also has some very useful as night mode, switch topics or search for words in page. As for speed, we could say that is one of the best in this selection (and Google Play, obviously).

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MiniBrowser Pro


MiniBrowser Pro is one of the browsers worthy of being in the top 5 mini browsers for Android . And it is for many reasons, including the large number of extra options for entering and nothing are common a mini browser.

These types of options are the ability to install flash player or using Adblock , as you all know, is a plug-in that blocks advertising of websites, which in some cases can be very annoying. However, are missing some other basic functions we do find in other browsers mini.

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As far as performance is concerned, it behaves quite well, as most. This has ceased to be a problem for most long time.

And finally, let’s talk about the interface, which in this case is not known for attractive , although by practice. Has a Holo design is pretty good but, as I said, is less attractive than other alternatives.

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UC Browser Mini


And now the latest browser mini of this top 5: UC Browser Mini. This browser is another great worthy to be in this ranking, although, personally, I think is the least complete of all.

For starters we have an interface that meets, like the previous case . It is very practical, but is a bit back to the same as before: not attractive. It’s not horrible, just not my cup of tea and is among the best. Although this is a matter of taste.

However, in terms of speed and options, this browser does compete face to face with the rest . It has many options that are very useful and also outstanding performance, making it a strong candidate to be installed in your Android.

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From all displayed, as I said, I’m staying with Boat Browser Mini and Dolphin, though that’s a matter of taste. Now it’s up to you evaluate and choose one of them.

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Top 5 mini browsers for Android
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June 12, 2013

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