TV series with female protagonists collapse the cliché of the damsel in distress

TV series with female protagonists collapse the cliché of the damsel in distress

Excellent Series coincidentally happens to have women in important roles.

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Something that happens all the time and we just stop to think about it, is that most of the films and series focused their stories about male characters (which are almost always white). I have seen many that I love and I consider magnificent, but I can not shake the bug that in many or even a female character appear, or if its only function listed is rotated about the life and interests of a man. We used to see a fixed rate of characters on the screen that vary little of the same outfit. Very very white attractive people according to the values ​​that have gotten us through the eyes, athletic and charismatic, and usually male, even though we are incredibly varied in real life. We are tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white, brown, Asians, women, men, gay, straight, bisexual, tansgénero, cat lovers, etc. So why television and film insist both represent a version of the world are coming to reality?

In real life we ​​are all protagonists of our own stories, and all we like to feel represented. It is foolish to think that entertainment we consume does not affect the way we think and the way we see the world. It is important that the variety of flavors and colors in which humans come to be represented on our screens in these stories we see every day for many years running. Whenever I’m glad to see more female characters on television really, now I must not only take refuge in the memory of Buffy and Gilmore girls to feel identified or inspired by a woman on TV. That more and more rich stories where everything revolves around the man of the series, but there are women with real personalities with a past, with dreams, with its own objectives and causes watch. Y series is not only for women but for anyone who enjoys a good story.

Orange Is The New Black

Hard not start the list with one of the best television series recent years. This masterpiece of Jenji Kohan brought to us thanks to the wonderful existence of Netflix, tells the story of more than a dozen women serving sentences in an American prison. While the main character is Piper Chapman, a very white and privileged woman who ends up paying a conviction for a crime he committed more than a decade and was about to prescribe, once behind bars us found a huge amount of rich and very interesting characters that will keep you glued to the TV until there are no more chapters to look

Orange is the New Black is amazingly well written, and we can call it a dark comedy, the plot moves at a very fast pace that keeps you off the screen interested for the whole of each season. If you think the best thing that has given birth to Netflix’s House of Cards, it is because you have not seen OITNB

The Good Wife

One of my favorite series today, and by now of all times. The Good Wife has never been a series very mainstream, but it’s so good and has fans so intense that it is becoming better known and acclaimed hard because you get someone who does not speak well of it if you have seen a couple of chapters or all. Although the protagonist is Alicia Florrick, the wife of a district attorney who is left alone and embroiled in a scandal after they leave to light the crimes of corruption where her husband was involved (including many encounters with prostitutes) that put you in jail. Alicia is a lawyer but has not exercised for more than a decade, and now is forced to find work to care for their two children.

A friend from college is ultimately the only thing that gives an opportunity and there begins again his career, plus love triangle. The Good Wife is an excellent procedural having to pull the roof interesting characters, whether regular or guests. Because even the judges who appear in 2 or 3 chapters are able to steal the show. Alicia, Kalinda and Diane are 3 of my favorite female characters in all of television, how well written they are and how independent they are, serve to inspire anyone.


Wentworth is an Australian series that I met by chance by scroll on Netflix. As OITNB, tells the story of several women who are imprisoned in a correctional by all kinds of crimes, but all have in common is how good they are and this. The main character is Bea Smith, a woman who ends up in jail for trying to kill her abusive husband. In prison Bea usually learns the hard way about the power games that are held in prison between inmates and between authorities to maintain control.

Wentworth is excellent, and I never tire recommending it because it will be difficult being Australian mainstream.

The Fall

Gillian Anderson aged better than any wine, have you seen how ridiculously sexy that has become this woman? … ehm back to the topic. The Fall is a series of crime and suspense of the BBC it was recently purchased by Netflix. It tells the story of a serial murderer who kills women in Belfast. Gillian la-love-you-beautiful Anderson plays the lead detective in charge of the investigation. Her character is extremely interesting and strong, but also feel quite upset, almost level with the murderer least murderer.

The series is excellent, and level of suspense that reaches the horror on multiple occasions. The performances are terrific, and Gillian Anderson, Gillian Anderson good.


I confess that Scandal is not one of my favorite series, and I see occasionally a guilty pleasure way. Scandal is quite exaggerated, but fun series. It has the best scripts of the world or the most compelling stories, and romance between Olivia Pope and presi it becomes quite unbearable. But I must include it in the list for their female characters. Mrs. Shonda Rhimes has done something that almost never see in addition black American TV, and a female protagonist.

Olivia Pope is a very interesting character, and well loca. Kerry Washington makes his over-acted role a pleasure to watch. In Scandal as everything revolves around politics you can not expect someone to be “good” because everyone is in a gray morality only darkens as they pass the chapters. However, although Olvia is the protagonist, the most interesting and real female character of the series is to Bellamy Young who plays the first lady Mellie Grant. Scandal is a series that Obama and Clinton have said see, it will be for ¿laugh at themselves?


Image: Showtime

The faces of Claire Daines could not be left out of this list, and although this series at first I liked it more than I have done with third season, remains an interesting story, plus everything is seen through the eyes of Carrie Mathison who is the heroine and the villain of the show at the same time in my opinion.

Homeland is a Thriller action for which you have to have stomach and patience. Everything depends on both carriers Case of American patriotism, and their wars against terrorism. It is a raw series showing all lose in this game of drones and military convoys handled by puppeteers.

Orphan Black

A series with over half a dozen of fabulous female characters all played by the same actress. Is that although neither you like some history and science fiction Orphan Black only see Tatiana Maslany be the most talented chameleon I’ve seen on the screen is not called Meryl Streep, is a pleasure.

Although I confess that I’ve abandoned Oprhan Black half in his second season, the first is terrific, and it is possible that continue to see in the future. If you like intrigue, action, girl power and the Sci Fi, you should see

The Americans

Another of my favorites today. The Americans in the story of two undercover Russian spies in the US, while living in the suburbs a “life of lies” with his two sons, and appear to be an ordinary, while conspiring with the rest of the KGB to overthrow the gringo empire during the Cold War American family. The Americans are full of action and many wigs. The character of Felicity is extremely complex, but there are two very interesting female characters who pass under the table when it comes to this series. Nina Sergeevna and Claudia

first ends up becoming a triple agent spy, do not know how much this woman splits and manages to keep whole. And Claudia though usually very little


Elizabeth. P >

Buffy and her bazooka

When I was about 12 years and watched television was not easy to find series where the protagonist was a woman, and in cases where many women appeared, the show was clearly aimed at one full of clichés and frames that are very close to those of telenovelas purely female audience, those where the only goal of any woman in this life is to get a perfect and gallant man who is called Luis Fernando and resolve their existence after losing the memory, go to jail, go crazy or robbed her baby.

Thanks to Mr. Joss Whedon for all the years of Buffy, a number that has aged so sublime, and I have recently returned to see after more than a decade. Buffy is a cult, very ahead of its time, is a classic, and. a feminist flag that has fans of both sexes equally, and could not not mention everyone’s favorite vampire slayer here

Special Mentions

While you’re series are not carried out by women, have to his credit with complex female characters and add value to the story by themselves.

  • Grey’s Anatomy: It is almost a soap opera but it’s one of my favorite series of all time, and if anyone knows how to do series with variety in their characters is Mrs. Shonda. Now that I think about, I think if it is led by women, but so many people.
  • Elementary: this version of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes where Watson is a woman and interpreted so great for Lucy Liu.
  • Mad Men: anyone think that because the title says “men” Mad Men has no good female characters, in fact is one of the series with some of the best I have seen, I love that you can see the worldview of women in the 50
  • The Walking Dead has made clear that it is one of the best series of the moment, and his female characters have not stopped screaming for help when the zombies attack, but tell Carol, also known as female Rambo in some circles. She, Michone and Beth have been my favorite in the series, but forget to Lori please.
  • Person of Interest: although initially seemed centered aka Harold and Reese Yisus Batman (source: reddit), the agent Carter always provided a balance to the characters that can not be forgotten. With the addition of Shaw and Root series gained even more in personality, and the chemistry between all actors is fantastic.
  • Sons of Anarchy: still me hard to believe that two of the strongest characters in a series of mototeros bearded were two women. Tara and Gemma are certainly there for anyone seen the series, two forces of nature that left a mark on the lives of everyone who played, especially Gemma. Gemma was something else.
  • Game of Thrones: Finally I leave one of the best stories of recent years, a name that everyone knows. Game of Thrones is full of women who take the reins of their own destiny for better or for worse, as many women do in real life. But we need not go so far to understand why, as say the same Mr. George RR Martin, he writes good female characters because it has always considered that women are people. Thank You.


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