VideoANT, collaborative video annotation


VideoANT is a web service HTML5 allows us to collaboratively annotate in one video. Besides being a useful collaborative tool, that is developed in HTML5 we avoid the need to use Flash, as in the first version we saw of the tool.

VideoANT What stands out in first is the easy access we have to the videos I want to make notes as providing the video link on Youtube proceed to copy the URL directly to the service website. After loading the desired video, simply playing it see and click “add anotation” just at the points where we want to make the point in question. Obviously we can do this task alone and with other partners who will join the video display if you simply link we provide VideoANT.

Useful for review videos, share opinions about the same multimedia or perform work group analysis.

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VideoANT, collaborative video annotation
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June 12, 2013

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