Videos as profile picture come to Facebook in Android work well

Video Profiles

he had already warned us. For a few months, every time you tried to update your Facebook profile picture from Android a pop-up telling you about preparing you left for profile videos , which would come “soon”. Today is the day.

Many Facebook users, among whom I am, have seen videos Facebook profile finally became a reality. From your Facebook profile in Android, press Edit – Record new video Profile and you can start recording your masterpiece on 7 seconds Video

<. p> you can record a video profile directly from the Facebook application itself, or upload a video you already have recorded in your gallery. In this case should trim for not exceeding 7 seconds duration


Choose the frame you like

After recording and uploading your video profile you have the option to choose the frame you like to be your photo of static profile. The system is quite nice, with smooth animation that expands the frame while you select and displays a preview of how they see other people.

 Profile Video

note that is this frame that will be used as your profile picture the vast majority of time and customers of Facebook third party or not be updated to support new videos of profile.

is this where you see?

Honestly, it seems videos Facebook profile is one of those crazy ideas coming out in a brainstorming and everyone nods, “Yes, yes, this is great!” while they are thinking for themselves what the hell could serve. Three months later, the function is ready and it is still unclear where it fits.

These new videos can profile the record, you can see, but not really well integrated into the platform yet. For now the videos really are only visible if you profile someone and give him click his picture to open in full screen.

 Video Profile

If you expect some kind of magic out of Hogwarts where profile pictures come to life momentarily themselves from the biography, you still have to wait. The integration is now quite weak.

The videos are public

Mark Zuckerberg and his boys are these last days working overtime to get you to share more so things public . Facebook continues to grow, but also the number of people that closes in your bubble privacy of friends and does not share anything with the outside.

But Facebook likes to share , and be in public data that anyone can snoop browsing profiles of people who are not your friends. The last entries in this list of measures are the personal biography and the five interlocked featured photos in section Presentation whose information is public.

The videos profile are also public , without possibility of changing the privacy. If you do not want anyone to be in your friends or not, be able to see your face moving, then stay away from this function.

Picture Post

the videos are uploaded and saved to your Photos and videos section of Facebook as any other video, but videos condition makes public profile. As a note, it should be noted that Profile photos are also traditional public , but you can limit their access to strangers in theory only see small and not big version.

the recording is riddled with errors

when trying these new videos of profile I have recorded at least half a dozen videos, and surprisingly the number of errors I found along the way. Sometimes recording simply never started, other screen goes black where there should be a preview and also has not missed the failed rise and the occasional closure that has spoiled the video was recorded.

Error preview the preview with black screen is a recurrent error

Facebook famous for two things Android have an application that consumes a cantidad disproportional resources and very given to tests and experiments. Still, it is surprising that a function takes so long to be anticipated is so poorly programmed. In any case, I invite you to try on your mobile phone to see if you have more luck and experience is more satisfying.


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Videos as profile picture come to Facebook in Android work well
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March 23, 2016

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