‘Vis a vis: Third grade’ and other programs to expand post-series episode experience


in October of 2011, when ‘ the Walking Dead ‘ was issuing its second season, AMC premiered ‘ Talking Dead ‘, a program which aired after the episode of every Sunday and in which the presenter, Chris Hardwick, and several guests commented on what they had seen, solved questions of viewers and speculated what could happen in the following chapters.

That program was so successful, which is still on the air and has become the mold with other chains like Antena 3 with ‘Vis vis’ wanted expand the experience of its most successful series beyond the chapter of the week. Because there are dedicated exclusively to all series that you can imagine (the web Slate , for example, is one that analyzes the episodes of ‘ The Americans ‘ with its creators and special guests as a former KGB agent infiltrated in the US), but the post-episode programs is not as common.

‘Talking dead’ and ‘Thronecast’, veterans

it is curious that some of these programs do not produce the string that originally issued the series, but it has rights in a given country. Sky Atlantic, for example, is who issues’ Juego Thrones’ in the UK and, from the beginning, issued ‘ Thronecast ‘, a program in which the chapters are dissected, curiosities of the series and had interviewed some of its actors.

the space has evolved into a more conventional format of interviews with the passing of the seasons, presented by comedian Sue Perkins, and also had its counterpart in Canal + Spain with ‘ the game continues ‘, which was a set of specials that were dedicated to the comment of the chapters in the style of another program chain,’ Taller Canal + ‘.


the mirror in which we look at all these spaces is, as say, ‘Talking Dead’, talk show dissects each chapter of ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC . It is very common for actors characters who have just died are passed by the program to discuss their experience in the series, and there are also telephone or social networks fans who want to ask questions interventions.

chain continued to strengthen this scheme after the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’ with ‘ Talking Bad ‘, and has repeated ‘ Better call Saul ‘at the beginning and end of the season. And it will not be the only one to encourage it. BBC America will accompany the fourth season of ‘Orphan Black ‘with a weekly half-hour program of the same style,’ After the Black ‘, as announced in WonderCon .

De ‘Vis a vis’ ‘the Ministry of Time’

This trend after-shows (of which there is, indeed, an entire channel on YouTube, AfterBuzz TV , covering hundreds of series) had to finish also coming to Spain. And this has been a pioneer in ‘El Time Ministry ‘. The series of TVE had from the beginning a strong presence on the Internet and social networks and accompanied each episode not only a making of , very much in line ‘ Doctor Who Confidential ‘as’ files ministry’, but also gave her a talk show that can only be seen on the web, ‘ the time gate ‘.

Antena 3 this year are encouraged to reinforce these contents of” expanded universe “, as it were, of” Vis a vis’ not only with the programa especially in Atreseries but also producing specific content for it (street surveys followers to pieces on some of the storylines tracks released in chapters) and enhancing its transmedia strategy . His most notable action there will be the creation of the Twitter account of prison series, @CruzdelSur, and subsequent hacking by a mole infiltrated there to give glimpses of new stories.

‘ Vis a vis’ will support and the premiere of his new chapters on Thursday , seeking to turn them into an event for fans and promoting that conversation is generated on the internet about the series.

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‘Vis a vis: Third grade’ and other programs to expand post-series episode experience
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March 29, 2016

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