What Netflix knows about you and how you use it for devores a chapter after another

Netflix, that beloved and venerated way of escape for many, knows more about you than you think. When you sit on the couch and you enter into your profile will appear before you, endless possibilities, and many of them you love and are just what you were looking for. How does the platform give the nail on the head? Some of the factors that the system recommendations Netflix have in mind are:And all this field work has its own meaning, as explained by Veronica Abizanda and Carla Smith, specialists in User Experience of Hiberus Technology, because “when you design something for the public, what you want is to adapt to your tastes and, in short, to attract, to achieve retain the user and make him stay more time in the platform to consume your product.”“Do you feel comfortable to the user is key to winning the race to the competition in a scenario in which there are a multitude of similar services,” says Veronica. That is to say: the less you have to ‘work’ and user the fewer movements you have to do to get what you want, the better. Netflix has led the way toward the digital content since 1997 and is the entertainment service streaming leader in the world with over 158 million users in more than 190 countries. And this is not achieved without effort.Once you have collected the information, the data are processed by the algorithms which uses the platform to generate a user interface design ‘user friendly’, that is to say, especially designed for you with content that you’ll probably want to see.In addition to choose which titles to include in the rows of your start page, the system classifies each title within the row, and then sorts the rows same. The rows most recommended go to the beginning and the titles most recommended start to the left of each row -unless you have selected Arabic or Hebrew as a language, that iran’s right-to-left-.“Get to know the users and their behavior is fundamental for the company and for the service you provide, so that are continuously working on how to display the content, what language to use and, in short, what works better or worse in different aspects of the design,” says Carla.Among other things, Netflix runs every year hundreds of ‘A/B testing’ among its customers, that is to say, test that it offers to a group of users experiences slightly different to see if they respond differently. Each change that enters the platform passes through this type of testing before becoming the final version, and default for the rest of the users.But this giant of the entertainment goes beyond: have you ever noticed that the covers of the series in your account are not the same that you see your partner or your sister? That’s because Netflix knows what your actors or favorite characters and it shows to call your attention.So he recognized the platform in an article: “If the certificate represents a title to capture an interesting image for you, then acts as a door of entry to that title.” Either the actor and the character, as was said, or a kind of specific scene, the goal is to seduce with a frame.For example, Netflix can customize the look of the movie ‘the indomitable Will Hunting’ in function of the genus: if you have seen many romantic movies you can be interested if an image is displayed loving Matt Damon and Minnie Driver, while a member that has seen many comedies might feel attracted to the film if they used the well-known comedian Robin Williams.Another case could be Pulp Fiction: the fan of Uma Thurman would probably respond positively if the image shows it, while the follower of John Travolta may be more interested in seeing Pulp Fiction if it appears to him at the suggestion of the title.A chapter of ‘Stranger Things’, for example, has nearly 86.000 frames of video static with the that Netflix can play to get your attention. Just change that image fixed in the menu, you can increase between 20% and 30% of the visualizations of a movie, a series or a documentary.This clear: what makes to continue gaining popularity and accumulating hours of viewing. Because the more titles ‘appetizing’ you propose, the more time you’ll spend hooked up to the application, and more chapters and you’ll still devouring.According to statements of Todd Yellin, vice president of products Netflix, the portal MobileSyrup, approximately 80% of the subscribers to “trust and follow the recommendations of the algorithm”. But the typical user explores “only between 40 and 50 titles before you decide what you want to see”, therefore, continues, it is important to present “the right content to the right user at the right time.”In this sense, in relation to the controversial topic of the privacy, the experts in User Experience, ensure that it is a “war” that must “be aware of what you want” and that he can’t do is “pretend that you give me something made to your measure and custom but not willing to give information about oneself”.Of course, there is sensitive information that “it is normal” that you want to maintain as private, but “if you want to have a user experience full” you need to be willing to make “swiping” your behavior within the platform.
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What Netflix knows about you and how you use it for devores a chapter after another
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January 1, 2020

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