What precautions we should take when using augmented reality?

Augmented Reality

Although not is a feature that today is everywhere, the augmented reality will reach all our smartphones and, although we provide lots of benefits, is not without risks. Even eating popcorn has a number of risks and many we love to liven up the film we are watching.

As a server is so careful to be as clueless (Have you ever brought a dish to the bathroom without love? ) and Engadget you want and do not want to suffer the negative consequences of augmented reality , we’ll give you some advice on precautions you better take to make the most


Beware susceptible people if you are a player Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go 2

Pokemon Go , that game that still expected to download from Google Play worldwide (in Spain is not yet available), will catch more than a nostalgic of the old games the GameBoy Pokemon on. In this game, to capture these monsters adorable must go patearnos the street.

The method of capturing some of these bugs is, once found, point the camera at the subject and press screen to throw the Poke Ball . The problem? That there may be a person almost touching your goal and think you’re doing a photo to treason. Often the reaction of people may not be the most civilized.

Who knows if the chance wants you pointing the camera at the legs of the bride of a rather burly man with a bad temper (not forget that we are in summer). The chances that you take a astral campion (a campion you will see all the stars) is pulling quite high.

What is the best thing puees do? If there is a person where is your goal, stop pointing the camera, take a walk dissembling and once that person moves, again for your Pokemon . You can also shout “Watch that will capture a Pokemon, I set aside all”, but probably will take mad and you placed, within an hour, a beautiful straitjacket (with Pokemon drawn).

Do not lose sight of the actual reality when you walk down the street …

the sociendad today is more aware of what appears on the screen of our mobile than what happens around us, either looking at social networks, Whatsapp or surfing the web. It is true that with augmented reality fail to see the reality, but it is quite possible that more than once to pay attention to the parts that are not reality (a text, a line indicating a road …).

this is why it is best to look away from time to time ** Mobile to look where you’re going and what you have around **, not only what is in front. Sure you do not want a loaded with several bags person shock you with bad luck that one of them contained a watermelon of 5 kilos and drops the ball joint on the opposite side of where it should be next.

… or when you are driving

A far more serious matter is if you are driving. It is essential to have the five senses driving , since there is not only your life in danger, but of many more people. When someone gets behind the wheel, always take every possible precaution, both compulsory by law and those that are voluntary.

As for augmented reality in cars, should apply same common sense when implemented in all cars. It should not ignore ever the sense of responsibility, and if the windshield shows you information (route, for example), be sure to keep an eye on the road, it is better to err direction than risk an accident maneuver dangerously

If the technology fails you, do not stop trusting people

Google Maps

the technology is not perfect, among other things, because it was created by humans, so there may come a time which fail us. Our phones are an example of something that can fail, either by overheating, we has finished battery or a component stops responding to its function.

Augmented reality will of course, in all our mobile (already in many, in fact) and some of its best applications arrive, allowing us to orient ourselves better (if that is possible), obtaining information (tourist menu a restaurant …), but this establishments must do their part.

If your phone fails any function or setting is not accessible, it is best to have other people. Imagine the GPS fails you and you do not get your bearings (perhaps the path may lead through the wall of a building), will not be forced to rely on someone that pass out there.

Do not you seem pretty recover those conversations where you ask for a street and say “see that light over there? Well, that no, that is behind us”? Those laughs do not laas will remove anyone and, what the hell, like a beautiful friendship that will last beyond that age when the most exciting thing is to look at the works of buildings is forged.

If you have more tips that can help people not suffer cons of augmented reality, for God’s sake, Do not be cruel and share it with us, we want to expand our knowledge to be happier.

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What precautions we should take when using augmented reality?
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July 6, 2016

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