Why you should download a VPN when you are traveling

Why you should download a VPN when you are traveling

There is a lot you need to remember while traveling, and one of them is cyber security. You should always use a VPN when you are traveling because it can make it safer, cheaper, and easier on your vacation. 

VPNs can be downloaded online, and you can even find free or very cheap versions of them. The VPN you use should be connected to where you live, or where you are going. You can find a VPN for Switzerland, if you are going to Switzerland, and there are also other options depending on where you are headed to. Let’s have a look at what a VPN really is, and some reasons why you should use one when traveling. 

What is a VPN?

We often hear that VPNs are important to download, but what actually is a VPN? It stands for Virtual Private Network, and its main job is to hide your IP address. These are numbers that tell people and software online where you are in the world, and by using a VPN you are actually hiding your location. This can be good for many reasons, and you usually want to be as anonymous online as possible, to prevent people from hacking, scamming, or tracking you. You can also change your location to a specific place, which can come in handy when you are traveling. There are many VPNs to choose from, based on where in the world you are from. 

Traveling with a VPN

It is always smart to have a VPN when you are traveling, and it can help you both before and during your vacation. Staying safe when you are out and about is important, and if you travel across the border, there might be reasons why you would want to be a little more anonymous. It can for example be while you are in airports and or other places for transportation. Here you will often stumble upon ‘Hotspots’, or free WiFi connections. While these might be free and seem fine, they are also public connections that are easy for people with ill intentions to hack. A VPN can block these Hotspots before they have the chance to connect automatically. Many need to use the internet for working while traveling, but there are better options than these public ones. 

Booking fees

A big expense when it comes to traveling is booking things such as hotels and flights. You can actually get these a lot cheaper, by using a VPN of course. The prices for things such as hotel rooms and plane tickets are estimated and set according to the accepted price of the location you are booking from. Some countries are used to paying more for tickets than others, and by changing the location or your IP address to another country, you can actually see that prices will go down. This is definitely something you should try, and well worth it in the long run. 

Streaming entertainment

When you are traveling, there is usually some waiting involved. Therefore, it is nice to have some entertainment to watch, for example, some good comedy films on Netflix. Did you know that the amount of content on Netflix varies depending on what country you are viewing it from? Some places have a lot more content to choose from, and hundreds of other movie and series titles to explore. 

By using a VPN and changing your location to for example The United States of America, you can get extended content to watch. This comes in handy if you have long car rides, or need to wait a few hours at the hotel. There are also some streaming services that are not available everywhere in the world, and you can use this to watch content from other places. 

It is clear that cyber security is still important in 2022. There are still a lot of dangers online that you need to protect yourself from, and a VPN can help with that. It can also make traveling easier, and less worrying, and give you access to new and exciting content online. 

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